Alice Cameron is a nineteen year old girl liked no other. After her life goes completely upside down due to her parents' death, Alice leaves. Instead she focuses on hunting the things no one else knows. Until she runs into a group along the way.
Supernatural and The Walking Dead


2. Aspen

Alice awoke three hours later, laid out in the back of someone's car. She pressed a cold hand to her forehead opened her eyes wide. 

"Daryl, what the hell was I supposed to do?" the same voice from the room. "Leave her?" Alice watched the one called Daryl turn the engine off. "You were supposed to take care of our own. Not a stranger. And now she's on our watch."

"Look, they were going to kill her... or worse. What kind of people are we?"

Alice half shut her eyes, pretending to be asleep. And she just listened to them talking about her. "But what about now?" the one called Daryl said. "They are after her, they are after us."

Alice focused on their faces, both extremely good looking guys. Daryl had dark hair and looked a bit dishevelled in a hot way. But Rick, she enjoyed looking at Rick. He had darkish hair also, and a bit of a stubbly beard. He looked sort of broken, like something was constantly picking at him. 

Rick, the other one, got out of the car and shut the door. Daryl followed. Alice sat up and looked out of her window. They were going into a diner. She considered making a break for it. But, if what they had said was true, there was no way she could go out there with something after her. Although she was now a huntress, she had only tackled things one at a time, not a pack.

But now she knew where the leader, who she assumed was Mr Roman, was.


Alice opened her car door very subtly, and slipped out. She made her way towards the diner and peered into a window. Rick and Daryl were sitting on high stools at the bar, ordering food she presumed. There were only a few people in the diner. A pregnant lady with a toddler, four girls laughing about something obviously hysterical, and finally a pair of guys sitting in a booth. They were pretty handsome, one with shoulder length brown hair and brown eyes, flicking through things on a laptop. And the other had spiky dark blonde hair and piercing emerald eyes, eating a cheeseburger. 


Sam and Dean sat in a diner, trying to look through pages online about Dick Roman INC, a company in Aspen that seemed to match all the clues about where the leviathan king was. "So, this is what we're looking for?" Sam turned his laptop towards Dean. Dean shrugged, took a bit of his burger and said he guessed so. And once again Sam rolled his eyes at his brother's ignorance. "Dean, this is serious." "I'm not doubting it is."

Across the diner, sitting at the bar, Dean looked at two men who were ordering food. He thought they looked familiar but after all these years everyone looked familiar to Dean. One of them stared back at Dean. And as soon as Sam mentioned something about the leviathan being in Aspen, the men walked over.

"I don't mean to interrupt you fella's, but em, did you say something about leviathan?" the one with a beard said to Dean. "What is it to you?" he replied.

The other one laughed. "Listen... What Rick is saying is that we know something about them. This is a small place and everybody knows everybody."

"What are you saying?" Sam said.

"I'm saying we could partner up. If everybody knows each other then word travels fast. Someone else could be hunting leviathans, or be working with them, and we don't want word spreading. We could get things done much faster."

Dean shrugged. "Anyone else with you?"

Rick and Daryl looked at each other. "A girl."

Alice was still at the window. She watched them talking, and Rick quickly pointed to the window out to the car, so she ducked. She hoped they hadn't seen her. They had begun talking to the two handsome guys, nodding and chatting for ages. Alice was getting really bored but she didn't know what to do. 

And then she heard a noise behind her, sort of a growly scratching sound. Alice already knew what it was. Upon turning around, she saw two of them. Two leviathans. 

She screamed, but there was no one around outside. Daryl, Rick, Dean and Sam jumped up from the booth and out the door, the last thing they saw was the door of a truck shutting and beginning to drive off. They all piled into one car and began following the truck. "We need her," Sam said. "I don't fully understand why... but I feel like we need to protect her."

"Great," Daryl said. Rick shot him a dirty look. "Daryl..." he said.

And now it was a wild goose chase, the truck sped ahead, with the four guys trailing as close as they could get. First, Dean tried slamming them off the road, and even though it could hurt Alice they couldn't think of anything else. They tried that a few times before giving up. Now they were still in high pursuit.

Alice's hands were bound behind her back with some rope that was hastily, but tightly, tied. She had duct-tape fastened around her mouth and some sort of strangling device around her neck. They weren't trying to kill her, just hurt. It was sort of like a piece of rope fasted together and tied to the roof of the car. As the car was speeding and bouncing about, the rope was pulled up and suffocated Alice each time. 

"Hurry up! Catch up!" Sam shouted in Dean's face. "Alright!!" Dean yelled back. 

Soon they were side by side, Dean noticed that there was a woman and man sitting in the front, and Alice was presumably in the back.

They once again tried nudging them off of the road, this time it worked. The truck toppled on its side and then bounced off of the road and became upright again. The guys left the car and ran as fast as they could to the car. 

The two leviathan in the front had been killed on impact of the crash, and as they pulled open the car they were greeted by a sight of bodies and some blood. Alice was lying on the floor, the rope from the roof of the van had snapped, but was still attached round her neck choking her. The five other leviathan's in the back were either unconscious or dead.

"Jesus..." Rick said, as he and Dean reached into the car and picked Alice out. Rick carried her to the car and sat her upright in the middle of the back-seat. He untied her and cut off the rope around her neck. 

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