Pictures are for the past, not the present.


1. Picture

There was pain as I stared at my wall. A pain that started in my heart, and caused my lips to sag and my eyebrows to sink. A small, defeated whimper was mumbled. The pain made my whole body hurt. Not like the sting of an uncalled for slap, or the shock of mean words spat in your face, but that slow sinking feeling that something that was supposed to last forever had ended.

She was still beautiful, my best friend.

She was making that stupid duckface I always made fun of her for wearing. My sister and I surrounded her. I was just smiling, but my sister had her tongue out. We all looked happy, like we're having fun. I remember when we got the photo taken. We were at the movies, and we wanted to remember the night. We had leftover cash, so we all pitched in. We piled into the photobooth, but we all three couldn't fit, so she ended up sitting on our laps. That was last year, when we did nothing but talk and hang out. There was always time for us, for me.

But we didn't talk this year.

It all just stopped.

It all just...ended.

It hurt to look at the picture. The more I looked at it, the stronger the pain got. It's like an earthquake of constant pain. An uncalled for ache rumbling in my body. I wanted to cry, but there were no tears to be shed. I didn't want to see her picture. It looked wrong. I looked around my wall and spotted a business card. I stared.

My future.

It's a card to a publisher, a card my dad got for me. He was proud to present it to me. I remembered that night well. I had been so happy. Everything was going right, that was when she was around. He had told me all about the woman he had got it from, just as excited as I was that a publisher was interested in my work. Looking at it made the ache stop. My future. I looked to the picture of the three of us. My past.

I frowned as I pulled the pin out of the wall that was holding up the business card. I looked at the picture of us, and plucked it from the pin, throwing it on my desk. I watched it fall to the desk, and skid to a poetic position, right in the light so her face was blurred by the glare, only my sister and I's faces present. Happy. The feelings inside of me dulled. I looked at the business card and slid it into the now vacant spot on my wall.

My future, I thought. I smiled because I finally felt better.

Author's Note: Okay, so this really did happen, like an hour ago. I felt so proud of myself for making the switch and then the whole unbalance of it crashed on to me like some sort of evil storm. Like, the whole reason I put that picture there was to complete the whole feeling of the wall. To look at it again now made my body hurt like someone was randomly pinching me in places like my legs and deep in my chest. Plus it kinda gave me a headache, so switched them back. It looks neater that way, despite her. The wall looks complete like that. When I find a picture to replace it with - boyfriendhopefullywhenhegrowssomeballsandasksmeoutonaromanticdatetothemovies - I'll probably put it in my box where I keep past-things. Have a lovley day.

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