The Mask

Ester Bakers. Sounds like an ordinary name of a normal teenager just like you and me. She is like any other teenager in some ways- hates waking up, eats tons of junk and loves shopping. But she also has another side.

The side which is hidden under the cute smile and adorable brown locks. The side that can never be exposed or revealed to anyone at all costs. Broken inside from all the abuse and torture but needing to look like the perfect daughter. Desperately needing to be fixed.

What happens when it all just grows too much? When all the boundaries have been destroyed? When her life is close to an end? When all, she has is hope? When everything becomes a lie?

Liam Payne. A famous pop star. A boy with 4 best buds. He has it all fame, money, friends and happiness. Well, at least he thought he did. What happens when they meet? Will he care or will he leave her even more broken?

Join the love story or Esiam. Of two opposite people in opposite life situations. Can it work?


4. Chapter 4

Esters POV

It was getting so boring, everything about this was fake. The people, the smiles, the wows. Everything was done because of money and money. The two people in front of me promising to stay together forever were not a living example of love but of the bond of two companies. I know I will once be stood in that place too...

I wake up out of my daydream by the words,''Now you may kiss the bride,''. I watch as the husband and wife kiss and think about my own love life. I have never been great around boys but since I am best friends with Julie everything changed. Adrian is now my boyfriend, we kiss and go out but nothing more. I can't even wear short sleeve shirts because of the bruises so how am I supposed to be naked with someone. He does not know anything. I think Julie suspects, but never expresses it out loud and I am thankful for that.

I walk out into the reception area just to notice a familiar face across the room. It is very familiar but in the mash of faces I can see only the beautiful perfectly styled brown hair. As I walk closer I don't even notice Liam approaching me. I don't care, the person in front of me is my boyfriend Adrian.

'' Omg, it's you,'' I scream and jump into his arms just to be greeted by his warm hard abs.'' But how did..'' I start but he silences me with a hard kiss. I am a bit surprised I need to admit, but I soon kiss back forgetting about all the people around us.

Liam's POV

All through the stupid ceremony I could not stop thinking about her. Why didn't she tell me? Why every time we are in her house it seems like she never existed? Why does our manager say he does not have any family if there clearly is one? And the biggest of all why are their spots of blood on the ID?

My head was spinning and I was confused. Who wouldn't be? Honestly Ester was so hot and I knew I had feelings for her and the more a looked over to look at her the more I was curious about her. I guess you can call it love on first sight? Love wait am I taking it that far already? I am falling hard for her.  Once the ceremony ended I decided to and look for her. I took the handbag and walked up to her.

She seemed to be focused on something, something very specific. Then just when I was about to start with my flirty line she screamed'' Omg it's you,'' and ran up to a boy about 17 and hugged him. I felt a stone in my chest. Wait wasn't I not supposed to feel this way? Was I jealous already?

Then something even worse happened, they kissed. She seemed startled. Then she kissed back with so much passion.'' Whenever you kiss him, I'm praying, oh how I wish it was me,'' Our lyrics came up to my head as I hummed their tune. It's true not everything, you produce in the studio, is pointless.

Ester's POV

Our lips traced each other for the very last time as I pulled away. I did not need so much public attention. '' Your dad called me and thought you would want someone even close to your age by,'' he says. '' That's amazing, I was getting bored of the granny sip tea with me,'' I answer winking. We both burst out laughing. I like Adrian for sure but sometimes I just feel there is something not right, something missing,

He kisses me again whispering a sweet I love you in my ear. As we kiss I let my lips loose and get lost in thought. I know why he is here, dad sent him, seen me talking with Liam and decided I needed distraction to keep me as far away from him as possible. Sometimes I fell like Adrian can be controlled by a puppet. 

Even he seems to realize there is something wrong, he stops the kiss, cups my chin and looks me in the eyes. '' You all right love?'' he asks. I nod. He stares into my blue eyes closely while I stare into his green for a long couple of seconds. '' Wanna dance'' he asks once a quick ChaCha song starts playing.

I answer with a nod. He leads me in the middle of the dance floor holding me tight and close. We wink and start dancing. We are like one, to be honest dancing is like a passion for us two, we go out and dance all night so this is so similar that I just go with the music forgetting about the outside world. 

We dance and dance. Then One Direction comes on stage and start singing. I like it, but Adrian pulls me in and whispers a very funny flirty remark in my ear. I laugh and then he pulls me outside through the back door. The snowflakes land gently on my skin as he leads us to a nearby hut. He kicks the door open, pushing me against the wall into a passionate kiss. His hands trace their way down to my thighs grinding against me. Wait what? This is going to far. He is just about to take off my jacket when I stop him.

'' Adrian no I can't not here I am not ready,'' I burp out. The problem is I can't get naked because all of the bruises. '' But you have been saying that...'' he trails of looks in my obviously frightened eye for the last time and just walks out. He just leaves. ''I am lazy of waiting till you're ready, we should take a break...'' I hear him say. 

My world smashes. He has no idea. He just can't be like this. He does not understand I really want to but can't because of my dad because of them. I sob, the sob turns into a cry and I just end up in a sobbing mess. Did he just break up with me? Yes, he did just because I refused to sleep with him? I really did care about him but now I am single again. There is a gap inside my chest left after him but is it possible to replace?After a couple of teary minutes my phone rings. It's a text from Dad- 

Where on Earth, are u bitch?

This is bad. I try to clean my eyes and makeup and leave to walk back to the reception. As soon as I walk in I notice that the music is blasting on full. It sounds like the newest hit from Ariana Grande that I love, but it does not make me happy. I just move my hips slightly to the rhythm when I notice Liam approaching me.

'' Hey, I guess you forgot this,'' he says smiling passing me my purse. ''Oh, thank you so much it was very nice of you,'' I say smiling back. I can't help it, but I do what I would normally do with anybody normal. I hug him. I am about a head shorter so my head fits perfectly in his shoulder. We are like two puzzle pieces fitting together. I try to pull away, but he holds me in place. 

'' Wana dance,'' he whispers in my ear. I nod and smile. He is a great distraction and I am already starting to forget about Adrian. We dance quite far apart, but he closes the distance with each beat, soon we are pressed against each other. His warm hands pressed against my back. My arms are wrapped around his neck and we are looking at each others eyes. 

Then the song finishes. He traces my face with his thumb so soft it sent goose bumps down my spine. A slight gasp escapes my lips once he traces over the huge bruise on my check. He looks confused. He looks closer and I see his facial expression change.

He traces round the edges of the bruise. I just close my eyes trying to hold in the crying. I look at him with sad eyes into his perfect hazelnut brown. He is just about to say something when I feel someone grips my arm tight.''Time to go bitch,'' my dad says pulling me from Liam

As we arrive in the cloakroom he slaps me once and then pulls me by the hair. '' You are going to learn a lesson,'' he whispers for just me to hear. I don't know Liam has seen everything...

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