Maddy was a broken person all because of that one night but will she find someone who can fix her and fix her broken heart or will she end up alone again


4. scrapes

i slipped my textbook into my bag after class and put my pen in my left hand and started walking out. The entire class was basically Calum attempting to talk to me and me ignoring him until he gave up and me trying to learn trigonometry which was a complete and utter fail. After i reached the hall i felt a warm hand placed softly on my shoulder i turned around and saw it was Calum.

"what do u want Calum"

"wait what's wrong we were all cool yesterday what did i do"

"u did nothing i'm just in a really bad mood today" i felt faint and light headed

"u alright Maddy" 

"um yeh i'm fine" that's when i blacked out this isn't good all i could remember after that was being in the school nurses office

"Maddy, Calum brought u here do u know why"

"um i guess i fainted"

"yeh u did how would u like to explain these" she pulled on my arm and moved the bracelets revealing the fresh cuts

"those r nothing of ur concern"

"i think u should stay away from my son"

"wait Calum's ur son"

"ohh no no no Luke is i saw u meet him the other day"

"yeh i did but i don't really think were even friends"

''well u will need to check up with me every week"

"yes now may i go"


i arrived home and slipped into my comfy clothes which was my aztec print leggings a  smiley sweater and a beanie that says badass on it paired with my cozy slippers i slipped into my space in the couch and started to watch American Horror Story which is my fav show but i was interrupted by the doorbell i got up fixed my hair and walked to the door opening it revealing none other than Calum Hood

"how did u get here actually how do u know where i live"

"i ahh asked Mrs Hemmings told me u kno Liz she's the nurse and she opened ur records and it was in there"

"so this couldn't have waited till tomorrow because i'm kinda in the middle of something"

"ohh never mind then i will leave"

"no seriously come in but i'm still confused why ur here"

''well i came actually to invite u too my band practise which is this arvo like 10 minutes but ur busy"

"no i will come just let me get changed quickly"

"ok i will wait in my car"

"don't be silly follow me" i led him up the stairs into my room 

"just sit here i will be out in like 5 minutes tops"

"ok then" 

i ran to my closet and grabbed my black jeans and my black/charcoal and white flannel pairing them with black high heel boots, burgundy red lips, a loose messy bun and more bracelets to cover the cuts which couldn't even be visible under my flannel but i wasn't taking my chances with it i ran back in the room and Calum mouth dropped.

"wow that looks amazing on u"

"no it doesn't ur just saying that lets go"

"ok then shall we" he reached for my hand but i swatted it away i wasn't going to deny that i liked him alot and i knew he liked me and sooner or later i was going to have to go on the date he promised me and we would have to bring up the kiss but right now i didn't care nor did i want to talk about it.

"so i was thinking" Calum began saying

"u were thinking what"

"don't cut my sentence short i was about to say i was thinking about the date that i promised u and what r u doing this friday"

"umm i think i'm working" i lied but i just don't want to rush into things with him i barley know him

"u work where i can pick u up after ur shift"

"no ok i don't work i just don't want to rush into anything i'm sorry i lied i just don't want to get hurt"

"i will never hurt u or rush u into anything i promise that"


"pinky promise" he held his pinky out and i attached mine to it

"Ur beautiful u know Maddy"
"whatever u say Calum"





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