A silent love

A shadilver fanfic..
(I'm sorry if it's horrible.)


1. what is this feeling?

I...the black hedgehog whom was feared as evil sat alone once more in the dark waiting for Dawn. I had things to attend to tomorrow and I prayed I didn't run into anyone. Just another hour and the town will be busy with those who run around for fun. I don't understand why they would..it's not my idea of fun..though my idea of fun is shooting at Sonic.

"Hey Shadow!" A silver hedgehog whispered.

"What do you want, Silver?" I asked him rather uncomfortable.

"You wanna do something a little later?" He questioned almost a little more cheerfully.

"Yeah..whatever but..I have things to do first." I almost spat at him while saying that.

"That's fine." He smiled clearly having something already in mind.

I got up considering I was to leave now I had an assignment to complete. The silver hedgehog grabbed my hand which made me turn in surprise. "I'll see you here whenever you're done." He smiled. I ripped my hand away feeling my heart's rhythm pick up.

(Uhm..maybe I should stop it here?)

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