Summer Love - EP fanfiction

I met him on vacation. He's perfect. But i'll never see him again in my life.

She thought wrong.

Paul Zimmer- himself
Danny Edge- himself
Sandra Kubicka- Laynie Pottorff
*all other youtubers are themselves*


1. •introduction•

Fiji. Thats vacation this year. I cant wait but im not exactly a morning person and were leaving at 2 am so i'd pray for my family. My brother Sam is taking his friend Kian and im taking my best friend (which is also one of sams friends) Ricky. Although i've never met this "Kian" kid, he seems nice. I was sick as a dog when he came over for dinner one night so i stayed in my room and my mom brought me up soup. Ive never passed them in the halls at school or anything.

Let me tell you some about us.

Me. My names Laynie. Im about 5'7ish and im 17 years old. I lve in Kentucky so I like country music and stuff like that. I cheer and love going muddin. Its great honestly. I sometimes can be a basic white girl and get Starbucks everyday but hey, thats ok right? I also like hipster things. I like mixing the two lifestyles and thats me.

My brother. His names Sam. He makes youtube videos with his friends. He's in a group called O2L. Ive been in a few of his videos but im obsessed with one member: JC Caylen. Omg. He's beautiful. But i'd die if he or Same found out. Only person that knows is Ricky, my best friend.

My best friend is Ricky. He's coming with us to Fiji. Our parents let us bring somebody becouse they dont want us fighting the whole time.

So thats just baisically us.

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