Don't close your eyes

Their I was after my accident in a hospital bed fighting for my life in a coma when Liam came over to me. "Please wake up....soon..." I wanted to talk to him to tell him I was trying but I couldn't. A little while later something happened and the last words I remembered where "DON'T CLOSE YOUR EYES..."


14. Louis's vist

Louis's pov:

Day 1

"Okay guys who's going to be the first to visit Niall?" All hands pointed at me. I swear my mood dropped a bout a 5 happies when they said that. "Just go Louis you'll be fine." Liam said to was the first thing he said since this happened. I groaned and rolled my eyes. (joking of course) "FINNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEE" I walked inside the room and shut the door behind me. "Hey Niall..."  That sounds like  a good place to start Lou.  "So we hope that your doing okay. We all miss you a lot too. Please wake up soon Niall I can't stand to think of the band with out."

I saw a smile show up Niall's face so I went on this time just talking about memories that I had with him. "I don't really know what else their is to talk to about. So I'm just going to try and talk about some memories we had with you. The doctor told us that talking to you might here we go...."

*1 hour later*

I walked out of the room and the lads shot up from their seats. "What did you talk about with him for an hour?" I smiled and laughed a little bit. "I just talked about life and old memories that I thought of." Harry looked at me like he was unsure of what he was going to talk about now.

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