Tell Me You Love Me (A Ziall Love Story)

Zayn Malik is your avergae bad boy. Everyone fears him at school. He never listens to anyone, and makes his own rules. Except he has a crush on a certain blonde haired boy. Niall Horan is a straight A student. He keeps a steady job at the local diner that his parents own and has a happy life. What happens when these two paths cross? Will hey have a fairytale ending?


1. Meeting Him

*Zayns POV*

*in his dream*

Me and Niall were laying in my bed cuddling. "I love you Zayn." he says. I smile and say,"I love you to Nialler. I get lost in his beautiful blue orbs. We both leaned in when--

*end of dream*

"BEEEEEEEPPPP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!" My alarm screams. I skam my fist down  and smash the clock. Oh well i needed a new one anyway. I groggily get out of bed and go to the bathroom. I grimace at my reflection. I have a birds nest for hair, I have under eye circles and my bed shorts are all twisted. Dont ask. I begin to get ready for school by combing and brushing my hair. Then i brush my teeth and wash my face. I walk back to my room and pick out some black jeans with a white t shirt and my famous leather jacket. I finish it off with my combat bppts and spray some cologne. I grab my backpack and walk out of the door. You may be wondering where my parents and sister are. Well my parents died in a car wreck when i was little, and i cant take care of my sisters so they are in a foster home. I walk to school and get to my class. As soon as I walk in everyone stares at me. I snarl at them and walk to my seat. As soon as I sit down, the boy i fell in love with walks into the classroom. Niall James Horan.

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