Hell in Living Form

Have u ever met that one person that u thought was hell in living form? Well that's what Madison/Maddie thought about her bully Nash Grier. What happens after high school and they see each other again will He be different or be the same way he was in high school? find out in Hell in Living Form.


1. chapter 1

Madison's pov:

Beep Beep Beep

I woke up to my alarm clock going off I put my pillow over my head not wanting to go to school just to see my hell in living form. Anyways I'm going to go take a shower now. I get out of the shower put a towel in my hair and around my body I slowly open up my bathroom door and walk over to my closet. I grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans out and a grey sweater I let my blue hair stay down. I put on my grey vans went back to my bathroom put on some eyeliner, and some mascara. I grabbed my phone, my ear buds, and grabbed my black and white polka dotted book bag and then ran down stair's skipping breakfast and start walking to school. On my way to school I saw  him my hell in living form { aka: Nash Grier } I put my ear buds in and kept walking hoping he would not see me. But boy was I wrong he walked right up to me turned me around to face him and said " Were do you think you are going bitch " I just stood there. He then pushed me and said " Answer me bitch or else " I still said nothing then he pushed me to the ground and him and his group started punching, hitting, and kicking me from every were. When they finally stopped and left I could not get up I felt warm liquid coming down my face and I put one finger were I felt it and looked and saw that it was my blood. I grabbed my sweatshirt on and pulled the hood up I thought that when I get school that I would clean up my face.


-How do you like it so far plz comment if it is good or not  and tell me if I could improve on anything

bye my blue butterfly's-Blue




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