1. kidnapped🔪🔪

Ashton: you do trust me right!?! Y/n: yes!! Ashton: then jump before they get you!!!!! Y/n: I'm scared I can't!!!! Ashton: I'll buy you a unicorn!!!!! Y/n: *jumps *. Ashton: *catches* see now was that hard?? Guy 1: hurry don't let them get away!!!!!!! Y/n: let's go there catching up to us!! Ashton:*grabs arm,runs*. Y/n: ow! Ashton. Ashton: I'm sorry let's hide in here! Y/n: i need to catch my breathe. Ashton: shhhhhh! Y/n: I'm scared Ashton..... Ashton:*pulls closer* don't be I'm right here. Y/n: Ashton if anything happens I want you to know I luv u. Ashton: nothing will happen! *kisses* don't say it again. Guy 1:I think they went this way! Y/n: (turning red in the face as were still kissing). Ashton: stay right here. Y/n: where els would I go. Ashton: *leaves to go check it out*. Y/n: *snezzes* achoo. Guy 2: hi pretty *put hand over mouth*. Y/n: Ashton !!!!!!!! Let go if me! Aston: y/n!!!!

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