Sleepwalkers (Book 1 of The Hollow Series)

Sleepwalkers gain a tattoo every time they enter a dream. The live, and they die. It's simple. But they aren't meant to be immortal and they aren't meant to live in a girl. We shall hunt them down.

cover by Crown of Shadownight

The Hollow Series- not official-

Book 1: Sleepwalkers

Book 2: Coldhearts

Book 3: Hollowers


6. Cast List

Here is the cast list tell me if you think they suit their characters . I can't use the cast list thing unless I'm on a computer .

Reczel :Jessica Sula 

Matilda Without Glamour :Willa Holland ( but with violet eyes ) 

Matilda With Glamour:Annasophie Robb 

Richerd : Mitch Hewer

Cezanne:Vanessa Hudgens ( with aquamarine hair )

Cezanne with glamour:Isabelle Fuhrman 

Bestë: Emilia Clarke

Vierna: Lacey Hannan

Rillez: Benjamin Stone ( with green eyes) 

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