Sleepwalkers (Book 1 of The Hollow Series)

Sleepwalkers gain a tattoo every time they enter a dream. The live, and they die. It's simple. But they aren't meant to be immortal and they aren't meant to live in a girl. We shall hunt them down.

cover by Crown of Shadownight

The Hollow Series- not official-

Book 1: Sleepwalkers

Book 2: Coldhearts

Book 3: Hollowers


7. ¿ 4 ¿ : not edited until editor found

Matilda stood at her now empty house , for which she lives all alone .She stopped at her couch , which was covered in plastic and she sat down on it. Tears still poured down her face .Which her appearance had changed when she completed herself, the down fall was that she lost every one In the process . 

They all had sacrificed themselves for her .Everyone, even Herrera her so called " Fake girlfriend " which she got her memory back and realized that she really wasn't her girlfriend. Her twin brothers Stem and Sten were gone too along with their girlfriend or boyfriend. She shook her head. 

She grabbed her bag , and left . Reczel wanted her to come over and didn't want her mad . She already lost her family , she didn't want to lose her too . She walked outside and locked the door before facing a red-haired guy . 

"Richerd ".

He smirked at her before she started to speed walk ahead of him . She really didn't want to speak to him . She didn't really like him.

" What do you want ? I kinda have to go ".

Cezanne came out from behind him and smirked. "You know, I wish you really try to not use your glamour cause you look more unique without it. Matilda".

Matilda groaned before shoving in between them . She really didn't want to deal with them right now . She only wanted to see Reczel .While she was walking away , she thought they were following her . But she shook that thought away as she saw Reczel moving in her direction.

" Reczel! I'm here." 

Matilda saw that she was probably deep in thought . So, she kicked her friend in the knee .Matilda almost regretted it after .

" Ouch, what was that for , Matilda ? Reczel screamed as she held her knee in pain while hopping on one leg . Matilda shook her as she looked at Reczel. Only Reczel could make fun of a injury that happened to her . She huffed " Are we going or not ? "

Reczel smiles while she skips down the road and Matilda chuckled underneath her breath.She followed her friend to her house , which in her opinion she thought it was too old for her friends family. She didn't want to hurt her friends feeling but somehow Reczel knew and didn't mind what Matilda thought .

" Come on , stop staring at the ground."Reczel said as she pulled her inside her house . Matilda always wondered if Reczel could see her under the glamour . Sometimes she even questioned her to describe her appearance but she always just saw how she looked before she changed.. 

A boy who had short blonde straight hair, pale skin , and green eyes was standing in front of them Along, with a lighter tan girl with strawberry blonde hair and gray eyes . She stood there with a lighted cigarette in her mouth. Matilda looked at Reczel waiting for an explanation of some sort .

" Oh,hey forgot ! Matilda this is Rillez and Vierna . My brother and step- sister . " Reczel shouted at the top of her lungs .

" Never mind her , it's nice finally to meet you Matilda " Vierna said as the cigarette hangs out her mouth while holding out her hand. Matilda gripped it and shook it. Vierna lets go of the other girl sweaty hands and leaving but not without taking out the cigarette .

Rillez on the other hand looked like he wants to do nothing but interrogate you until you told him almost your whole life story . " So, your the girl that my little sister has been talking about ".

"Rillez your only older by what fifteen minutes , so shut it with the whole ' little sister ' stuff .Plus we're also twins believe or not we'll be the same age "Reczel said in a tone that Matilda wasn't use to, It kinda scared her .She did not believe they're twins for they look nothing alike,

" Hey, I had fifteen minutes extra to be more mature then you . " He said as he smirks . Then someone places their hands on both of the siblings chest .
She looked Reczel except she had green eyes . " Please don't argue about who was born first .Anyway , Matilda I'm Zieya these two idiots mother . Come on inside both these two start fighting ". Not before hearing two synced ' Hey's" behind them.

Zieya guided her inside where Matilda She the most sweetest aroma ever . She sniffed the air as her mouth began to water. She followed her nose into the kitchen where she found a woman who like the older version of Vierna but with blue eyes. Hmm, who is this person . The woman turned around and smiled at Matilda before gingerly wiping away the drool on her mouth .

" You must Matilda , I'm Terssi. Reczel's... RECZEL PUT ME DOWN! " Terssi screamed the last part as Reczel is tightly hugging her and picking her up while at it. 

" Sorry, mom . " She puts Terssi down and running out the kitchen while giggling .

Matilda rises a eyebrow while she watches the whole incident happened . " Anyway, before I was interrupted I'm Reczel's step-mother. Me and  Vierna are not treated any different. Plus, I've been married to their mother for like 6 years so far." Somehow, that made her smirk she remembered when she knew someone who was a step- parent/ child but they weren't treated like family. Before Terssi pulling out a pan that was covered. " Dinner's Ready!!" She screamed but it wasn't necessary because everyone was already at the table. OK ... Matilda didn't want to question it so she just sat in between Reczel and Zieya .

Matilda saw her friend bouncing in place on her chair . She chuckled as she placed her trembling hands on the table.Matilda stared at the table while plates were being passed around the table. Everyone was able to serve themselves . This was something Matilda was not used to. She hasn't been to table where all people who were truthful to her and themselves or where family came together. She felt like a outcast and she's friends with one of them. 

" MATILDA!" Reczel screamed out loud . Matilda shook her head and looked down at her friend , who gave her the most scary glare every .

" What ?"  

" Matilda , why aren't you eating ?"

" uh, I-I'm not use to this" Matilda mumbled to mostly herself . Reczel had tapped her fingers against her cheeks and smirked . She looked at Rillez and says

" Are you thinking what I'm thinking".

Rillez looked at her with skeptical eyes before smirking too .

Matilda was extremely worried , she felt like something was not right here. She nibbled as the twin brother and sister looked at each other as if they were sharing a secret language. Vierna chuckled underneath her breathe. A gigantic smile was on her face when she gingerly wiped off her mouth

" I swear I'm glad, we're not related with your twin telepathy" She said in a hoarse voice 

" Yeah, cause you can't handle any of this ." Both Reczel and Rillez said at the same while their arms are pointing at themselves within their lips puckered out. 

" Yeah and I don't want to you weirdos . Oh, Rillez it's your turn to cook breakfast  tomorrow, and Reczel you're going to check or fix the car cause I did it last time along with Rillez. Now, I'm going outside to smoke see ya. Tell me when your done . So, I can wash the dishes "She picks up her clipped cigarette and leaves. 

Matilda notice that not only everyone siblings gets a chore but also even though Vierna's a smoker it takes her a whole day just to get through one cigarette.

Matilda screams as both her friend and brother lifted her up ,and  they dragged her outside to their yard.

She saw something out there she didn't think she'll ever see in her life. 

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