Sleepwalkers (Book 1 of The Hollow Series)

Sleepwalkers gain a tattoo every time they enter a dream. The live, and they die. It's simple. But they aren't meant to be immortal and they aren't meant to live in a girl. We shall hunt them down.

cover by Crown of Shadownight

The Hollow Series- not official-

Book 1: Sleepwalkers

Book 2: Coldhearts

Book 3: Hollowers


5. ω 3 ω

The first thing that hitted Cezanne in the face was the smell of trash . She covered her nose up with her hand. Richerd , on the other hand acted like it smells like peaches and strawberries.

Her nose wrinkled as they went deeper. It didn't take until she looked out the window and saw literally trash blowing in the wind . Empty soda cans, beer bottles, plastic bags, and empty cigarette boxes that was either on the ground or trying to get into her throat.

The weird thing about Cezanne that she couldn't smoke , not cause she didn't want to or the fact about cancer . Apparently, she has a allergy to cigarettes, like she had hives and everything on her face from inhaling one. 

They drove down the the street and saw no one on them . Cezanne guessed that they were at home or work , even walking from school.She had secretly feared being alone from young . Her dad would always tell her that was monsters that follow her . It wasn't until she grew up, was she enable to prove him wrong. The fear never really left her alone it had always crept up on her. 

" Cezanne, are you there don't we have something to do?"Richerd asked as he snapped his fingers in front of her face. She gave him a dirty look as he move five steps backwards. He gulped inside his throat as a trial of sweat went down his neck.

She turned her head as she looked in front of her. There was a school that had three floors , and the length of a football but it didn't look like much. The school had nothing but dust and mold everywhere . It barely had a door much less windows. She pulled out the piece of paper that had the place where they were. 

She squinted her eyes as she saw this dirty- blond haired girl walking upstairs. The girl looked familiar to Cezanne who practically knew every paranormal creature there was . Richerd ,once again had to interrupt her thoughts . He must have said something but she didn't catch it .

" I said , their pretty open Here". He repeated as she saw the girl kiss this shorter one on the cheek. She smirked at him before taking a look at him.

Truthfully, everyone thought he was bound to be one of those stereotype boys who would break everyone's heart. Except, he didn't even act that way . The boy was actually more pansexual. For his ability to accept everyone as they are, which he didn't even mind being open about. Except, at his family where a bunch of homophobic people live , Cezanne has met his family before he was chosen to lead the army.

She chuckled as she looked back at the girls who were walking outside now. She looked to see if she could see the so called immortal but she just saw those two girls. She doubted that it was one of them. 

They stopped and looked at the car , both of them stuck in thought . However she looked confused as she looked at both of them. 

"Don't you see them, Matilda." Cezanne heard the short one asked.Cezanne rolled her eyes , only if they could whisper she thought.

The tall one was too busy trying to avoid Richerd and her but she nodded.

"I suggest that you keep quiet and not speak so damn loud." The tall one whispered back as she shift her shoulders .Smart one there, Cezanne thought to herself

A stick got stuck in her hair and walked quickly across the concrete sidewalk. Where trash was blown and tangled around her ankles. The short one followed behind the other girl. 

Then Cezanne looked at the girl before she practically ran away from her. She frowned and switched her gaze to Richerd,who was obviously in another world. She rolled her eyes and looked at Richerd." Do I look scary to you? You know nevermind , don't even answer that question" She said before he could even open his mouth. He closed his mouth shut. 

She smiled as they both went into the car and drive off without a single word.

Cezanne still was thinking, 'where did I heard of that girl before.Hmm , I could have sworn I saw her '.She turned to Richerd and looked at him . " Do you remember her from somewhere?".

Richerd lifted his right eyebrow and asked" Are you really asking me this question or are you going talk over me ". 

Cezanne grimaced at him before replying " Yes, I want you to answer. Jeesh, where did the sudden attitude come from". She slowly crossed her arms in annoyance .

" You mean Matilda , of I course I know her . I mean you were there too ". He shifted his arms to the left as he turned.She looked at him with a confused look. 

" Wait a minute, you don't mean she was that last 'Unwritten' to survive." She asked him. Yeah, it had to be her she had the features as her . Except, her wasn't blonde anymore it was more auburn . She guessed it was the way of becoming a 'Unwritten' , it changes your whole appearance. Except only people like vampires, werewolves, Sleepwalkers, and every other mystical creatures could see through the glamour. Like if a human looked at Matilda , they would see a dirty blonde-haired girl with pale skin and hazel eyes. If one of the mystical creatures saw her, they would see a auburn haired girl with tanned skin and violet eyes.Which is kinda her first time seeing someone like that. It kinda intrigued her. 

Richerd nodded his head as they stopped at a corner where were there was no freaking light except for the ones on the car. She looked at him like he was crazy . He pointed at the road in front of them.

Cezanne saw that girl that was with 'Matilda' was walking towards but she scurried away. 

"I would keep an eye on that the girl , I think she's know what we are . I mean why else she would running away. . " She whispered to Richerd but she said 
"I would keep an eye on that girls friend, you know the Unwritten." to not get the girl thinking that they're on her .

"Maybe, it's because she feels like she's being followed or doesn't want be bother by us." He said as he strangely pulls out a BLT sandwich. " Really , where in the world did you get a sandwich " Cezanne asks him as she puts her hands on her hips. 

"Hmmm, maybe from the Deli across the street", he literally points at the store. Cezanne groaned and rolls her eyes before sitting on the ground. "We're supposed to be looking for the Immortal one not no freaking sandwich." She placed her head on her lap. 


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