Sleepwalkers (Book 1 of The Hollow Series)

Sleepwalkers gain a tattoo every time they enter a dream. The live, and they die. It's simple. But they aren't meant to be immortal and they aren't meant to live in a girl. We shall hunt them down.

cover by Crown of Shadownight

The Hollow Series- not official-

Book 1: Sleepwalkers

Book 2: Coldhearts

Book 3: Hollowers


4. ~ 2 ~

Reczel looked at her mirror that hung on her ivory locker. Her poofy black hair hung over her light brown skin and a little bang sat above her chocolate brown eyes.She slowly applied lipstick on ,before hearing light footsteps behind her . She placed her lipstick down and smirked at the dirty blonde-haired girl . "Matilda " She smirked as the girl in front of her grinned back. The girl gently kissed Reczel on the cheek. "How many times do I have to tell you , if you're not going to officially be my girlfriend . Please stop kissing me on the cheek." Matilda leaned against the locker and frowned like a puppy . Reczel looked at her, with a firm stare . Matilda shook her head and then mumbled "Why am I friends with you again." She pulled out a sketchbook and started to draw. Reczel never understood why her first ever best friend had a fascination with drawing and for all that they've been through. Matilda had never told her, why nor did she ask her. "Matilda, are you still coming over to my house as you said or you're gonna bail out on me again?" Reczel asked. As she as she snatched the sketchbook away from Matilda on her tiptoes. Who frowned at her while she attempted to look furious. There's one huge difference between the two, Matilda was six feet tall while Reczel was only five feet, literally. So, Matilda stood a foot higher than her. Reczel always secretly hated that. "Please,Please! The last time I asked , you literally just didn't came". Reczel whined as she bopped on her heels as Matilda shook her head. "I'll think about it". She muttered as she snatched her sketchbook back. Reczel scuffed as they walked outside . Then, suddenly she saw outside, two strangers. One had aquamarine hair and golden eyes along with tattoos decorating her arms. The other had snow white hair and sapphire eyes. They stood in front of this bright neon car. She wondered what in the world , are they here but they looked confused and she didn't like bothering other people. Even if they needed help. "Don't you see them, Matilda." She asked. Matilda was too busy trying to avoid both of them but she nodded. "I suggest that you keep quiet and not speak so damn loud." She whispered back as she shift her shoulders even though . A stick got stuck in her hair and walked quickly across the concrete sidewalk. Where trash was blown and tangled around her ankles. Reczel followed behind Matilda. Except, she was smaller, she struggled to keep up with Matilda. For two reasons she had to follow her, one she was her only company when her damn cousin leaves her on purpose, and two cause Matilda lost a bet. Reczel looked behind her and aquamarine-haired girl stared at her, like she was staring at her soul. She that sent shivers down her back to ankles. So, she started to scurry to her home which was no mansion but it was perfect for a family of five. Which consisted , Her mother , Step-mother, Step- sister, Brother, and her. The house looked pretty tight on the outside of its brick walls and molded rooftop but the inside it could fit like thirty-five people in it. The front door barely kept on its rusted hinges which was taped before it breaks. The stairs was the only thing that wasn't breaking at all. People, told her mother to sell it but she didn't want to give a house that went down to almost every generation in her family. Reczel rang the doorbell that's been cleaned yesterday and now yellow. She took light footsteps inside the house before a lighter tan girl with strawberry blonde hair. She stood there with a lighted cigarette in her mouth , Vierna . Her step-sister smoked worse than anyone she knew ,well that's alive. "Vierna , please let me in." Vierna took out the cigarette and puffed some of the smoke out . Before She stepped out of the way." Only, because you said 'Please'. Reczel coughed as the smoke hits her face along with the smell of nicotine. She covered her mouth as she fully went inside. Reczel squealed as she saw her brother, Rillez . Who looked completely opposite of her. He didn't have poofy hair or tanned skin. He had short blonde straight hair, pale skin , and green eyes . The resemblance they had was their strong face features they share , which came from their father who died from unknown causes . "Rillez! ". Reczel screamed before running toward him. He looked confused and places his hands on her shoulders. " Why are you always excited to see me. I practically have a bedroom next to your's". He glanced at her as he asked her that. "Can't a girl be happy to see her brother, or is that suddenly a crime now. ". Reczel placed a hand on her hip as she smirked at Rillez . "Can't you two not almost go into a debate like for once in both of your lives.". This woman who had poofy black hair, green eyes, tanned skin , even though she had serious look , they knew she met to be funny. Then suddenly a lighter tan woman with the same hair color as Vierna . She had a coffee mug in her left hand and her hair was in a clear shower cap . She was not taller then her wife but not shorter either. She wore a tattered old robe that went down to her feet , or her leopard slippers she wore practically everywhere. Well, if she could that is . "Do you mind me barging in this conversation? Zieya , dear can I please speak with you in the kitchen?" Terssi asked. Terssi was Reczel's step- mother said in a heavy southern accent before walking in the kitchen and Zieya followed. They were a odd couple to Reczel , Terssi had a skinny figure while her mother's was more curvy . Plus, there were total opposites of each other , Zieya was more shy then Vierna but she didn't care. Reczel took deep slow breaths before Vierna left saying that she wanted to finish her cigarette. Rillez on the other hand wanted to study. So, she was stuck with listening to the whistling willow whistles where she groaned alone. Reczel grabbed her breakfast; then decided to go for a walk. She tied her hair up before walking outside, Reczel saw that same lemon-colored car that her and Matilda saw by their school. She walked faster hoping that they didn't see her. Luck went along with her and saved her. Except, the boy's hair was cherry red instead of snow white. Which didn't concern her but she had a feeling, that she heard the girl said. "I would keep an eye on that girls friend, you know the Unwritten." Reczel wasn't big on curiosity she had to remind herself to not ask Matilda about it later.
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