Sleepwalkers (Book 1 of The Hollow Series)

Sleepwalkers gain a tattoo every time they enter a dream. The live, and they die. It's simple. But they aren't meant to be immortal and they aren't meant to live in a girl. We shall hunt them down.

cover by Crown of Shadownight

The Hollow Series- not official-

Book 1: Sleepwalkers

Book 2: Coldhearts

Book 3: Hollowers


3. ω 1 ω

Cezanne walked inside the subway, repeatedly checking her watch.She scanned every single person. Her golden eyes dilated as she stopped her gaze at this girl who was bending over to this dog. She quickly switched it over to this guy who was looking through this book. "Stephen, Can you do me a favor?" She blinked flirtatiously to get his attention. He rolled his eyes as he dropped his book. "What do you want Cezanne ?" He said as he rolled his eyes. "Can you find someone to drive me across the border?:" she asked He groaned as he picked up the phone and called someone to drive her there. In fourteen minutes Richerd came with a pair of keys in his hand. He was wearing the same outfit he woke up in. Except he took off his hat to show his snow white hair , she thought she saw it was red, but she personally didn't care how it changes color. Then he smirked at her as he swung the keys but he ended up hitting himself in the face. He rubbed his nose while he groan in pain. She gave him a death glare to hide the fact that she was about to laugh and turned to Stephen. "There was no one else who could drive me. I mean seriously he might cause a accident and kill me.". Stephen shook his head and he smirked. "Bastard", she murmured underneath her breath while she pulled Richerd outside by the collar of his shirt. They both stopped at this lemon- colored car with a well-done shine on the hood of it. "I'm guessing this is your car?" Richerd nodded his head before he stepped into the car . Cezanne rolled her eyes before going in also and closing the door. Richerd turned on the engine as it roared to life he drove out of the garage. The entire drive was silent as they faced this bridge. He looked at the window they were slowly approaching. This woman who had heavily tanned skin with auburn hair . She had a coral dress on that flown over her skinny wings. "Jeáyon , open the gate", Cezanne said as she glares at the woman. Jeáyon frowned at her as she presses a few buttons and this colorful portal that stopped at the middle of the bridge . "Next time, can you say 'Please' , Cezanne?" Jeáyon said as her eyes shifted over at Cezanne, who rolled her eyes as they drove to the portal. They entered into this silver grayish bridge with a crowded road . Richerd had hopeless attempts at getting through the traffic. The only reason they all failed because he didn't want to get trouble of possible exposure of Sleepwalkers . Cezanne told him just do so they could get there faster. She groaned as they waited in traffic . Every single person honking their horn for the next person to move . Then suddenly, after three to five hours, they got passed the traffic. Richerd looked at her and she huffed . "I need to know where you have to go?" He asked. She pulled out a piece of paper that had a name of state and town . "Theonolle said they should be around here." Richerd looked at the paper and nodded his head before proceeding to the destination that they're going to. His eyes changed to icy sapphire as he drove down the road and putted on the radio to block out the silence between them. Which was sadly failing , with the words that died out every time they tried to make conversation. " Hey" Richerd said as his first attempt to get her talking with him . "Shut up" Cezanne said as she crossed her arms. "Okay...." Richerd said as that just dropped even before he could ask her about her day. That didn't work at all , He looked in front of him . Where a kaleidoscope of lights and cars, as he whistled , which was the first attempt to cover up the silence . It didn't end so good. Cezanne slapped him on the head and switched her gaze to the window. She was annoyed that he was whistling , she hated the fact that she couldn't even know how to whistle. Richerd just ignored her and frowned . So, he attempted to talk to her again . "Hey..." " What do you want" Cezanne groaned as she noticed he was looking at her . She had hoped ,He hold whatever he was about to say for another lifetime or maybe until they got to the place. It didn't come true cause the moment she had said that . "I want to talk to you" he said as he gazed upon her hazelnut eyes . "Why?' She asked . He wouldn't answer back and she saw why, they were near the place but a bunch of banshees , who were in glamour to hide what they actually were. Cezanne grimaced when they turned to her and smiled. "I know , I hate them too , see no point in them being real" Richerd said as a girl walked toward the car . She smiled at them and knocking on their window. Cezanne tried to ignore her but then she started to wail, which then did she decided to open the door . " Hello, my name is Bestë you guys trying to pass?" A sly smile spread across the girl's lips and that met trouble to Cezanne. Richerd said something but she wasn't listening. Then he started to move forward to as the banshees banged on the truck of the car . Cezanne gave them the finger as he drove faster . "Are you crazy ?!!!! " "Yep, I'm a psycho ". "You know what...." "Do not even finish that sentence . Can you please just shut up and just drive. " Her eyebrows knitted together as she looked at him. Which , now brought them back to where they started utter silence and slow breaths come from the both of them . Hearts in a battle against each chest as the noise got louder and louder. She looked through the window and said "We're here . Now, let's just find the girl and get ourselves back. I don't wanna stay here any longer than I have to ' as they entered the place filled color and joy.
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