Connected - A Ricky Dillon FanFic

Love-struck Brielle is willing to do anything to win the heart of YouTube sensation, Ricky Dillon. Even if it meant giving up everything she had.


6. The Excuses - Ricky

I looked outside the window and saw Brielle all alone. Hey face was lost and she looked stranded. Before the next fan could come in, I looked at Joe and signaled him that I needed a break.

"Uh, Rick, you realize you've only been doing this for, like, 10 minutes, right? Why would you need a break already?"

"Damn it, Joe! Why do I need to explain myself all the time?"

"Listen, Ricky, I can't just let you leave. You have fans waiting out there!"

"Just...tell them I have to go to the bathroom or something."

"Ricky, what's this about? You've never acted this way."

"I....I have to meet that girl. I have to, I must."

"Ricky, have you gone out of your mind? No! You can not have any personal relationships with your fans. You signed a contract and everything!"

"Yeah? Well, that contract means nothing to me."

And with that, I stormed out, ignoring Joe calling my name behind me and the thousands and thousands of screaming fans. I had to see Brielle.

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