Connected - A Ricky Dillon FanFic

Love-struck Brielle is willing to do anything to win the heart of YouTube sensation, Ricky Dillon. Even if it meant giving up everything she had.


9. Home Sweet Home - Brielle

I decided to stick around in the mall for a few more hours, just to clear my mind. Once in a while, I'd see Ricky, and he looked sad, as if someone he loved had died. I just wanted to go to to him and tell him everything would be okay, but not once did he look at me.

At around 4 in the evening, I saw Ricky's assistant, Joe, tell all the remaining fans to go home, that the meet and greet was over. At that time, I decided to call a cab to get a ride home.

Once the cab pulled in, I stepped inside and instantly started to cry.

-A few hours later-

I was in my room, in bed and staring at the Ricky pictures. I wondered if I would have the same dream again -- if he would say something different this time or do the same thing.

Suddenly, I heard a beep come from my phone.

New Text Message From: joanne_loves_ricky

I sighed and checked the message.

hey, b. just wanna say im sorry for leaving u. i was so mad, i wasn't thinking at all. can u forgive me?

What a relief -- I may have lost Ricky, but at least I hadn't lost J. I replied:

omg, j! ofc i forgive u! <3




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