The Problem's of Teenage Parenthood

Maci, Sierra, Alexis and Tori. 4 new girls with 4 new stories. With all 4 girls getting pregnant at 16 and their children now being 2 years old, they had all had their struggles when it came to parenting as teenagers with rough family life and rocky relationships to name a few problems. When it comes to caring for 2 year olds, its never going to be easy but with many years ahead, can parenting ever get easier?


6. Baby Girl and Big Issues

Tori was going for her next scan today with Ryan and Jack and today was the day they were telling their parents who probably wouldn't be to happy. "Victoria Willis?" The obstetrician, Mrs Stevens said. "Come on through." She said as she saw Tori and Ryan rise up and walk towards her. "So, Victoria. Let's get this ultrasound dome. Hop up onto the bed." She said as Tori lay back on the bed and pulled her black top upwards. Mrs Stevens turned on the Doppler and started the scan. "Look Jack, its your little sister." Tori said to her son, starting to cry. "Baby looks very healthy, Tori. Can't see any problems, this pregnancy is very healthy." "Its definitely a girl right?" Tori asked. "Yep, definitely. You've got a little girl in there." Mrs Stevens said, prompting Tori to grab Ryan's hand. 

After the ultrasound was finished, thy hopped in the car and drove back to their home and prepared the baby shower. Friends of Tori and Ryan who knew had given presents for the shower and they had made a cake with white icing and pink sponge to reveal what they were going to say. She had also got extra copies of the ultrasound to give to their parents and that was how they would ultimately reveal the secret. Tori's mom arrived first with her  younger sister, Alex and then Tori's dad arrived (as they had divorced a few years ago). When Ryan's parents and siblings arrived, they sat down in the family room and began the story. 

So, we've kinda got something to tell you." Tori said as she handed them all an envelope in which they had put the pictures in. "Your not moving away are you?" Ryan's mom asked. "No mom." Ryan sighed. "Well, open the envelope." Tori said, watching their families rip open the envelopes. As Tori's mom looked at the ultrasound picture, looking shocked and angry she said "I can't believe you Tori. Your still a teenager for gods sake!" "You could have waited a few years, Vic. We want what's best for you." Her dad said. "To late dad. I'm 21 weeks and am over the moon." Tori yelled. "What you having?" Ryans mom asked. "A little girl." Ryan said as Tori pulled the cake out from behind her and showing them the sliced pink piece. "Oh congratulations, love." Ryan's mom said. "Congrats sis!" Alex said to Tori. "Shut up, Alexandra! Were leaving." Her mom yelled dragging her sister out the door. "No mom! I'm staying her with dad. You can't get angry at her if it wasn't planned." Alex said. "Two teenage pregnancies, Alex. Not just one but two!" "There doing fine I guess." Tori's father said. "Look at little Jack." "I'm going." Her mom said storming out and making Tori cry. 

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