Quest for Erebor

This story is an alternate version of the Hobbit, the prequel of the Lord of the Rings series. (for the sequel/prequel writing competition)


1. A visitor

Once, in a quaint hobbit-hole, at the end of Bagshot road, there lived Billa Baggins. Billa was a docile young hobbit; content and happy with her ordinary life. Her hobbit-hole existed in Hobbiton; it was called Bag End.  Bag End was one of the oldest hobbit-holes in all of Hobbiton. Its sleek wood floors stretched through the little hill in which it was built. She loved comfort, company, and food like most hobbits do. Naturally, her hole had a warm hearth, two pantries, a kitchen, ten bedrooms, and other miscellaneous places. 

It was a sunny afternoon quite like the majority of the days in Hobbiton. Bill leaned her body on the doorframe smoking her fathers cedar pipe. She marveled at her smoke rings as they dissipated under the sunlight. Her eyes travelled down the road and spotted a frail old man wearing a long grey cloak and a worn slate blue wizard hat. He carried a tall, elegant staff; knotted at the top but with a smooth handle.  

"Good morning sir! Is it not a fine day?" Billa greeted. The old man looked at Billa and smiled.

"Good morning to you as well. This is bag end if I am not mistaken?" The old man responded. 

"Indeed it is. Welcome to my humble abode." Billa said with a bow. "I am afraid I do not know your name good fellow" she said. The man smiled.

"Oh, but I remember yours, Billa Baggins. My name is Gandalf" Billas face broke into a large smile of recognition. She ran to him and enveloped him in her tiny arms.

"Dearest Gandalf? Not the Gandalf that performed such magical tricks. Not the Gandalf whos magnificent fireworks lit up the sky with brilliant blues, greens, and reds. Oh! This is too good to be true! How have you been dear friend?" the wizard looked down at the hobbit with a smile.

"I'm glad you remember my fireworks, Billa. I have been well. I am looking for someone to share in an adventure with, but I cannot seem to find anyone of these parts who is interested". 

"It is no surprise. We are a quaint people who do not enjoy danger or discomfort" She said nonchalantly.  Billa waited for Gandalf to continue the conversation. Gandalf stared at Billa, Billa stared back at Gandalf. The stood there, smiling and staring, for a good minute when Billa understood why Gandalf  had continued to stare. Her face became red as a cherry and her smile fell into a shocked frown.

"What?! No! Absolutely not! We want no adventures here, good morning!"

"Good morning seems to have a double meaning with you hobbit folk" Gandalf grumbled.

"In this case, you bet your beard it does!" Billa fumed.

"My guess is that you want no part of this adventure, but allow it to sit in your brain and I will drop by for tea in the near future."

"Good morning to you, Gandalf. Perhaps I will think of it, but my answer will most likely be the same. Even if my answer doesn't change do drop by for some tea" Gandalf smiled and nodded his head. After that, Gandalf headed down the road and Billa was left to smoke her fathers pipe in peace. Yet, Billa couldn't ignore the urge to jump straight into Gandalfs strange adventure; she couldn't ignore the small voice at the back of her head saying "accept it". Billa fell into a bothered sleep, dreaming of danger and wonder that could possibly await her.


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