Hunt, Or be Hunted (The Walking Dead/ The Mortal Instruments)

A group of teenagers have no idea what's going on when their school is overrun with rogue downworlders... and find that their survival has been abruptly put into their own hands.


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5

They stood in a narrow, dimly lit corridor, with low ceilings and crumbling, gray walls. Bright, flickering candlelight illuminated the face of her companion, bouncing off his dirty-blonde, almost light brown hair, shadows dancing underneath his piercing green eyes. Felix.

"Where are we?" Kia whispered, watching as her breath formed clouds in the cold air.

"Looks like an old miners passage... then again, I don't know for certain, because it's your dream, not mine." He smiled shyly, showing his dimples, and stared at the cobblestone ground beneath them. Kia shivered.

"Here," he said, elegantly shrugging off his light blue jacket, revealing his khaki-green coloured sweater. He wrapped the jacket around Kia's shoulders and pulled his hands back with an appraising smile. "Vampires don't get cold, anyway."

A sudden cough snapped Kia out of her trance, and she finally managed to tear her eyes away from Felix. She raised the torch in her hand higher, casting more light down the small passage. She noticed a figure in the distance, walking towards them at a fast pace. She blinked and he was right in front of her.

The boy looked around six feet tall, with a mess of jet-black hair and eyes the colour of thunderstorms. He was thin, but not in the same way that Felix was; where Felix was slightly toned, this boy was not. He was wearing a baggy, gray jumper and tight black jeans, and a pair of black square framed glasses sat on his nose, reminding Kia of that tumblr-hipster-grunge look that she didn't think actually existed in real life. The boy gave a cocky smile, and Kia realised she had been staring at him for too long.

She didn't see it coming when Felix lifted a knife above his head, driving it into the boys chest -

Kia sat up, gasping, and with an embarrassed sigh, noticed that everyone in the room had looked over to her in panic. She coughed slightly and ran a hand through her tangled hair, feeling Simon stiffen next to her.

"What are you all looking at," She said finally, reaching around for her superdry glasses and shoving them onto her face.

Zye blinked. "You," he said. "You were saying things - in your sleep. About Felix, and..."  he trailed off, looking to Emma for help. She glanced from him to Kia cautiously.

"You were saying another name, too. Noah, I think it was. You were telling Felix to kill Noah, and then - then to kill Alec and Magnus Bane."

"It was just sleep talking," Kia mumbled, feeling the colour drain from her cheeks. Why would she say something like that? "It means nothing."

"Kia," Tara said, shooting her a knowing look. "If its anything like your dreams last time..."

"But I didn't even dream anything about that!" She shouted, causing Emma to shush her and indicate the boarded up windows. As if on cue, thudding and guttural moans sounded from outside. "My dream didn't contain a Noah, or Felix," she said, with only slight hesitation before she said the second name. "and even if I did, I sure as hell wasn't telling Felix to kill anyone."

Tara grimaced at the ground, and Kia noticed that Simon had stood up to go and sit next to her on the sofa. Suddenly, Jodie burst into the room in floods of tears, and it was at that moment that Kia noticed that Felix was nowhere to be seen.

"Jodie, what's up?" Emma said, concern clouding her features as she rushed over to her sister, wrapping her arms around her tightly.

"He's s-such, an asshole," she sobbed into Emma's shoulder.

"Who?" Emma said, rubbing her back soothingly.

"Felix," Jodie said with a more violent sob. "H-He - he broke up with me,"

"What - ? Did he say why?" Emma said incredulously, holding her sister at arm's length whilst she wiped away her tears with the hem of her baby pink cotton shirt.

"Her," Jodie spat, shooting Kia the meanest, bitchiest glare that she had ever received. Kia flinched in response - why would Felix dump Jodie Blackthorn, the most beautiful girl possibly on this planet, because of her?

They were all interrupted by a blinding flash of purple light, and suddenly, a thin cloaked figure named Magnus Bane stood amongst them.

"Hello, hello - oh sorry, have I walked in on something?" Magnus said, his bright cat eyes glistening as he looked between Jodie and Kia, eyebrows raised. Alec looked as though he'd seen a ghost.

"Magnus!" Tara exclaimed, standing up to greet her ex. Magnus eyes twinkled and his mouth widened into a smile.

"Here I am, as promised," He said, leaning down and hugging her. He made brief eye contact with Alec as he looked over her shoulder. "But you never told me that there would be Shadowhunters present." He pulled away, a sour expression on his face. Tara looked at Simon, clearly panicked.

"I called for you on a favour to a mundane boy," she said, looking from Magnus to Simon quickly. "Simon?"

"Hello, Magnus," He said, with a curt nod.

"That is no mundane," said Magnus, giving an easy smile. "What do you want, Simon?"

"A portal," said Simon. "To Idris, preferably."

"Idris is on lockdown." Magnus said flatly. "No portals in, no portals out. And they definitely will not permit any Downworlders into the country until this Walker situation is under control."

"Walkers?" Emma said confusedly. "I thought they were Zombies."

"Walkers is the name that the mundanes have given to the Zombies." Magnus informed her, then looked around expectantly. "Where's your parabatai? Isabelle?"

"She's dead." Alec spoke for the first time, voice devoid of emotion. He appeared to be trying his best to look everywhere but at Magnus.

"Alec, I'm so sorry," Magnus said softly, reaching out a hand as if to rest it on Alec's shoulder - but then pulling it back abruptly and looking at Simon. "Is that all you needed me for?"

"No, um, I - I thought it would be safer for you to be here. Two warlocks is better than one, and you'd probably stand a better chance of surviving this if you stuck with us, too -"

"Fine," Magnus interrupted, waving his hand dismissively. "Fine. But you better have snacks. I'm starving."


* * *

I know that this chapter is quite short and not a lot happens, but it needed to be this way in order for the next chapter to work (;

Next chapter might be the one where the walking dead characters are introduced...

Thanks for reading!!

- kia xo

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