Hunt, Or be Hunted (The Walking Dead/ The Mortal Instruments)

A group of teenagers have no idea what's going on when their school is overrun with rogue downworlders... and find that their survival has been abruptly put into their own hands.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Emma walked towards Kia's house slowly yet confidently. A slight pain was burning near her stomach, and she wasn't sure whether it was due to her concern for her cousins, or due to the fact that Isabelle, her parabatai, was in danger. She swallowed quietly, looking around the area as they crossed the almost deserted road.

"You know, Izzy and Alec will be just fine." Kia said, as if sensing Emma's worries. "So will Zye." Emma's jaw clenched, and her mind flooded with new images, of Zye, being eaten alive, bitten, disfigured, mutilated. She shivered and tried to push them out of her head as they approached the tall, wooden fences of Kia's house.

The building was built out of pretty red bricks, in varying shades of autumn. Either side of the large white front door were hanging baskets filled with the wilting pink flowers that Kia and her twelve-year-old brother Joseph had planted last spring. The large wooden paned windows glistened in the rain, and everyone watched with beady eyes as Kia slipped her hand  underneath the grey doormat, emerging with her spare house keys.

"Right," Kia muttered, pushing the key into the lock and turning it as quickly as she could.  She let out a sigh of relief as she breathed in the reassuring smell of home; then took a step over the threshold.

The group followed close behind, Felix last, closing and locking the door behind him.

"Wow, nice flat screen," Simon  said, loudly. "And is that a Transformers movie I see left out on the side?"

"Yeah," Kia laughed, "My brothers favourite one, actually. The one about the Fallen?"

"Dude that's my favourite one!" Tara butted in, and Simon span round and looked at her in surprise, causing his glasses to sit slightly askew on the bridge of his nose.

"Your T-shirt!  I should've known!" he exclaimed happily, "Your  hair was covering it - I didn't even realise it was the autobot symbol at first."

"Disgraceful," Tara said with a smile. "Don't even pretend you're a transformers fan unless you've seen the anime..."

Kia rolled her eyes and plonked herself down onto her sofa, as Tara and Simon launched off into some pathetically nerdy conversation about the newest Transformers movie. She'd been dreading the day that they'd finally officially meet, because they were so similar, and she knew that they would never shut up about Robot Cars and superhero's.

Emma finally entered the room, carrying several large pieces of wood that Kia expected she had taken from her stepdads Workshop. "Help me hammer these Simon, would you," she said with a grunt as all 5"4 feet of her reached desperately for the top of the window.

Simon sighed heavily, and walked over to Emma. Tara took a seat next to Kia.

"So, I take it Emma told you what her and Alec and Izzy actually are, then?" Tara said, and easy smile on her face.

"Not really," Kia replied, lounging back in her seat. "Alec said they were Nephilim, though I have no idea what that actually means at all."

Tara paused, then exhaled, before turning back to Kia. "Nephilim are usually known as Shadow Hunters," she began. "A Shadow Hunter is a being that is half human, half angel. They were created on this earth to rid the world of demons, and they also stand to try and bring balance and peace amongst  'Downworlders', like me."

"Well, what are you then?" Kia said as politely as she could.

"I'm a Warlock." Tara said, and smiled. Kia noticed that Tara's eyes weren't actually brown at all now; they were an inky purple, with narrow green slits for pupils, reminding Kia of a tigers eyes. "Technically, the opposite of a shadow hunter. I'm half human, half demon."

Kia nodded slowly, trying to take it all in. There was a small part of her that refused to believe a word of what Tara had just told her - but the other, larger part of her told her that it was probably true, especially due to the fact that the rest of the town was seemingly overrun with other 'Downworlders', as Emma and Tara had referred to them.

"Hey, Kia," Felix said as he and Jodie sat down next to her. Kia shuffled uncomfortably, then brought her knees up to her chin.

"Hi," she replied bluntly. Jodie's arms were wrapped around Felix's slender, toned shoulders, and her head rested in the crook of his neck as she looked over at Kia with her large, doe-like brown eyes.

Kia could never even begin to compare herself to Jodie Blackthorn. Where Jodie was short, blonde and petite, Kia was tall, with copper toned hair and bright green eyes. She was more curvaceous, whereas Jodie was more narrow and angular. She was pale, whereas Jodie was sun-kissed. Both were beautiful in their own, individual way, but Kia couldn't help but feel as though attempting to compete with Jodie was like fighting a losing battle.

"I hope Alec and Izzy are okay,"  He said, an air of wonder in his voice. He ran a hand through his wet, messy hair. "Looks like something's happening with Emma's parabatai rune. She keeps clutching her stomach, and I'm almost certain that's where Isabelle drew it."

Kia swallowed, unsure as to what parabatai actually meant. Suddenly, Emma collapsed to the floor, gasping.

"No," She whispered,  jumping to her feet. "I can feel it," she gasped.

Simon rushed over to her. "Feel what? What's happening?"

"I need to get to Izzy, now,"

"Simon, stay here," Kia said urgently, rising to her feet. "I'll go with Emma. We'll bring  Izzy and Alec back straight away-"

Kia was interrupted by a sudden knock on the front door, and Emma falling to her knee's, her head in her hands, loud sobs escaping her mouth. She opened the front door slowly, praying that it wouldn't be who she thought it would be - but  of course, it was.

Alec stood in front of her, silent tears streaming down his face as he looked down at the body he was holding in his arms with anger and sorrow. Isabelle still looked as she did when she was alive; there was still colour in her cheeks, pinkness in her lips. Her eyelids were closed, as though she were asleep - but the large, tell-tale wounds in her arm and side told another story.

It was then that Kia noticed Zye standing next to Alec, a similar, less intense look of grief on his face. "There were so many of them," He said, almost too quietly for almost anyone else to here. "We didn't get to her in time."

 Sweat and blood plastered his dark hair to his almond coloured skin, and he looked down at his black combat boots with sorrow. Emma burst into the hallway, looking first at Alec, Zye, then finally Isabelle. She burst into tears as Kia closed the door behind Alec and Zye.

"I could feel it," Emma breathed, using the edge of her sleeve to wipe away her tears. "I could feel the bond breaking, slipping away. I didn't even do anything. This is all my fault,"

Zye cleared the space between them in two strides and  wrapped his lean, muscular, tan arms around Emma, kissing her forehead repetitively and mumbling that he loved her and that it would be okay, but Kia could see tears tumbling down his face, too.

"If it's anyone's fault, its mine." Alec said quietly, as he held Isabelle's body closer to him, shakily using the tips of his fingers to brush strands of her dark hair out of her face. "I should never have let her come with me. I should've gone alone."

"No." Jodie said, stepping out of the living room and walking over to Alec, wrapping a protective arm around her cousin. "This was nobody's fault. All we can do now is burn her."

"Guys? What's going on..." Simon said, his question trailing off as his eyes fell onto his girlfriends dead body.

* * *


Thanks for reading this update!

I'm actually really enjoying writing this fic, and I am 90% per cent certain that I will actually manage not to flake out and finish it so I guess that's promising :)

Comments, criticism and feedback are always greatly appreciated

I hope you've enjoyed so far, updates soon,

- Kia x

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