Hunt, Or be Hunted (The Walking Dead/ The Mortal Instruments)

A group of teenagers have no idea what's going on when their school is overrun with rogue downworlders... and find that their survival has been abruptly put into their own hands.


1. Chapter 1



Icy rain pelted against the windows at the back of the classroom. Kia nervously pushed a strand of hair out of her eyes, aware of the negative impact the weather was having on her mood, which seemed a little strange, seeing as thunder storms were usually one of her favourite things in the whole world.

What worried her even more was the burning, nauseating feeling that was beginning to build in the pit of her stomach. She knew there was absolutely no reason for her to feel so anxious (there were no exams coming up, and her family weren't due to come back from their vacation to England for another two weeks), but she couldn't help but feel as though something bad was going to happen.

"Kia? Kia?" Emma said, shaking her arm lightly. "You okay? You've gone all quiet."

Kia snapped out of her trance and glanced at Emma from under her eyelashes, as she let her head slump down onto the table. "Yeah I'm good. Weather looks pretty shit though."

"Yeah," Emma agreed, turning to look out of the window. "Zye told me that there's a hurricane passing. He says it's going to be one of the worst ones that Seattle's ever experienced, gave me the specific wind speed and everything." She laughed.

"He's such a nerd sometimes," Kia giggled. "How are you two?"

"Good, actually. I think we're going to the cinema tomorrow, before his shift at Costa."

Kia smiled, but it didn't quite reach her eyes. The image of Felix popped into her head, his arm snaking around Jodie's waist, his bright, emerald like green eyes twinkling as they bore into hers, her dainty hand reaching up and entangling in his messy dirty-blonde hair as she leaned forward and brushed her lips softly against his...

"I'm sorry, by the way. About Felix."

"It's fine, Emma. Don't  worry about me. I'm just glad that you're happy."

Emma gave Kia a meek smile, then looked over at her cousin Alec, who was engrossed in conversation with another boy named Charlie. Without seeming too obvious, Emma spat out her chewing gum and encased it in a ball of screwed up paper, then threw at it Alec's head. Alec span round and looked straight at Kia, giving her a ferocious glare which radiated pure hatred. Kia grinned widely in response.

"It wasn't her it was me, Alec," Emma said, rolling her light, sea-foam green eyes. Alec's gaze snapped to her, and his face relaxed into a slightly irritated yet loving expression.

"If you wanted my attention, all you had to do was call my pname." He muttered.

"I figured you would just brush me off..." Emma replied carefully, glancing from Charlie to Alec, whose face was now the colour of a beetroot. Kia suppressed a laugh, causing her to make an awkward choking noise, which resembled the honk of a goose.

"Whatever," Alec said finally, running a hand through his dark hair, which was hanging over his piercing blue eyes in an unruly fashion. Kia saw his jaw-line tense. "What did you want me for, anyway?"

"I was supposed to remind you this morning, but I forgot. You have training tonight." Emma said.

"In this weather? I thought they would have cancelled it." Alec said, more as an observation than a complaint. Alec loved training, whatever the weather - however, whenever the slightest drop of rain began to fall,  Alec's instructor would usually pull out of their sessions with some dumb excuse.

Emma shrugged, then turned her attention to the large, wooden door at the front of the classroom. Immediately, the whole class rose to their feet as a woman who looked to be in her late forties entered the room. Her hair was the colour of mahogany, streaked with grey, and barely reached  her shoulders, and her facial features reminded Kia of a tame falcon.

"Good afternoon, everybody," She said, and proceeded to take a seat at the desk at the front of the classroom. "Your form tutor is currently busy, and I will be taking registration today -"

The woman was interrupted by a loud bang, followed almost immediately by the lights going out. The kids in the room all screamed, clinging to each other in fear. Alec laughed.

"Why are you laughing?" Kia said to Alec, equally as afraid as everyone else in the room.

"This is clearly merely only  a result of the weather," Alec snapped. "You have nothing to fear, unless of course you're afraid of the dark."

Kia rolled her eyes, suddenly aware of the fact that in the panic Emma had grabbed hold of her wrist rather tightly. Her sharp nails were digging into her skin, drawing blood.

"Ow!" Kia exclaimed, pulling her wrist back from Emma's grasp and rubbing it with her free hand.

"Sorry," Emma whispered  back. The whole class fell quiet.

Kia felt a cold chill roll over her body - of course, she thought, the power must've blown completely, causing the heating system to malfunction. She hated the cold more than she cared to admit; she'd much rather overheat than freeze to death.

They all watched, frozen in terror, as the door handle began to move. As the door clicked open, a smell of dried blood and decay flooded Kia's nostrils, causing her to gag - but the sight was far, far worse.

His skin was a pale greying colour, and looked as though it may have the same texture as sandpaper. His dirty white shirt was ripped open, exposing his bare chest, and Kia noticed that some of the skin there had peeled away, revealing a layer of rotting flesh. When she finally  brought herself to look into the creatures eyes, she noticed they were milky white, the pupils clouded over. She resisted the urge to throw up right there and then.

"Holy shit," Emma whispered.

The creature let out a guttural moan, and lunged for the teacher, its teach sinking into her exposed neck. The woman screamed, and suddenly Kia snapped out of her terrified daze.

"Emma," She said quietly, watching her classmates stunned expressions as they watched the beast tear chunks out of their teacher in horror. Kia idly thought that he resembled her Biology teacher, Mr Thwaites. "We need to get out of here. Go to the hall. Get Tara, Hannah and everyone."

Emma nodded slowly, and rose to her feet, then leaned forward and whispered in Alec's ear. Alec nodded, then looked to Charlie, who seemed to have fainted.

"We can't just leave them all," Alec said slowly. "I wouldn't be able to live with myself."

"We'll get the others, then come back for everyone else. The more of us there are, the more likely we'll be able to formulate some kind of plan." Kia said.

"Or you and Emma could go, and I'll stay here and protect the others until then -"

"No," Emma said, "We are not splitting up. This won't take long."

"Fine." Alec said, "Hold on."

Kia watched as Alec slowly made his way past everyone, who were seemingly hiding underneath their desks,  to the back of the classroom. He picked up the pole that the teachers used to pull up the blinds, and gripped it firmly as he made his way toward  the strange creature. Emma and Kia watched in fear as the creature looked up from the woman's body, and bared its rotting, yellow teeth at Alec. Without hesitation, Alec plunged the pole into the creatures forehead, resulting in screams from some of the preppy girls in the room. Alec groaned as dark blood splattered his crisp white shirt and face, then nodded to Emma, who, along with Kia, practically ran to the front of the classroom.

"We'll be back," Alec said stiffly, as the three of them slipped out of the room. Alec slid the metal pole through the handles of the door, securing it closed. "Hopefully, they're too stupid to open it," He added, as he lead them into the rain.

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