Jane lived a normal life, with photography as her passion and a perfect best friend, everything was great. Until humanity crashed and tore apart. 'Things' started to develop. Humans being attacked and forming into murderous creatures over an infection. Everything is survival, in an apocalyptic world. (Sorry for the super bad description) Cover maker: Incandescent Night


3. Chapter Three

“Bloody hell! I thought you were those…” Charlie gasps, his hand against his chest, looking relieved after panicking.
“…Zombies? Yeah, we’re kind of trying to stay away from them too. If you didn’t know, they like to bite and…well, kill.” A boy, not much older than us states. His sarcastic tone somewhat makes him a little desirable even though it shouldn’t.
“I kind of figured that out, genius,” is my initial response.
“How did you escape them?” A tanned lady, looking in about her late twenties, with bright purple hair asks, her small eyes squinting. Weirdly enough, she sort of reminds me of Jenna Marbles, “How did you escape them?” She repeats, emphasizing on every word she says, losing her patience.
“I don’t know…” Zola answers, conveniently enough. It’s hard to believe we did actually escape them and that we did survive without anyone getting bitten. That reminds me; why hadn’t anything tried to bite me before? Not even a little bit.
“What’s up with your friend…?” Another girl asks, except she looks more kind, timid and more comfortable to talk to yet so secretive, her dark hair hanging over half her face.

“She got bit-” I begin, a man in the back of the room staring anxiously, holding a gun. Instantly, he aims the gun towards Erica, almost pulling the trigger.
“Is she going to turn?” He questions but it seems more like a demand. He has an Italian accent and his voice sharp and clear.
“Turn?” I don’t quite understand but fortunately, for me, Charlie breaks in.
“No! She’s fine. Jane cut the infected part.”
Feeling relieved, the man pulls his gun back down, slotting it back into his pocket.
“We need to work as a team. It’s us against them and being mean to each other isn’t really going to help.” Phil reassures everyone.
“You know what isn’t going to help? The fact that you dragged those freaks in the same building as us so guess what? There is no escape from this room.” The girl with purple hair argues.
“Great start, huh?” The sarcastic boy chuckles, pushing his big glasses further up his nose, grinning at us.
“The man’s kind of right…” A tall woman in about her forties mutters, holding a short man’s hand, who must have been in Erin’s yoga class. “If we don’t get along, then we’ll never get anywhere.”
“That’s what Erin would say.” A man from the group of class members says, looking quite proud but with a tinge of confusion and worry. But everyone in the room looks terrified, anyway.
“Who are you, by the way?” The girl with purple hair smirks, crossing her arms and glancing at us, particularly at Erica.
“Charlie.” Charlie replies, with a little hesitation. I’m reluctant to say my name but it’s not like they’re going to tell those zombie like things.
“I’m Jane.” I finally give in, staring at the girl with purple hair, observing her expression.
“Phil. And this is my daughter Delilah….and that’s Zola.” Phil adds, wiping away Delilah’s wet cheek.
“Riley.” The girl with purple hair manages to say, her head tilted slightly to the ceiling.
“Great, so this has turned into some support group. I’m Dane.” The sarcastic boy grins, rolling his eyes and slumping into a one of the six bean bag chairs scattered around the strangely cosy and colourful room.
“My name’s Rhiannon.” The secretive, timid girl answers.
“I’m David and this is my wife, Sarah.” Says the short man.
“I’m Alessio.” The man with the gun introduces himself, boldly, “Do any of you have a gun?”
“No…” Zola shudders, her expression horrified and worried as if she’s scared of using a gun.
“They don’t have a gun or a bloody weapon but she has a stupid camera.” Riley laughs, coldly.
“That’s really going to help, you know.” Dane laughs, along with her.
“Shut your mouth, for once.” Phil cuts in, his tone frightening Delilah a bit.
“Whatever you say.” Dane smirks, but I can see the blush in his cheeks.
“Jane?” Erica whispers, gradually becoming quieter. “I have to tell you something. All of you.”

And in the moment she finishes her last words, I know for sure that she has been hiding something. And somehow, I feel like she’s known for a while.

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