Jane lived a normal life, with photography as her passion and a perfect best friend, everything was great. Until humanity crashed and tore apart. 'Things' started to develop. Humans being attacked and forming into murderous creatures over an infection. Everything is survival, in an apocalyptic world. (Sorry for the super bad description) Cover maker: Incandescent Night


4. Chapter Four

"Hold on! You've known about this before this even happened and you didn't tell anyone?" Riley snarls. "That's really messed up, by the way."

"Shut up! What do you know?" Charlie asks, glaring at Riley after shutting her up.

"You know my parents are scientists and-" Erica begins, wincing at the pain in her arm.

"No, I didn't know your parents were scientists, actually." Dane sniggers.

"I hate to break it to you but you're not funny." Phil replies, stroking Delilah's hair.

" parents are scientists! A virus was spreading in some countries a while back and some scientist were assigned to look into it. My dad was involved in that. They looked into the virus but couldn't get a perfect result to show what the virus was...I mean is...and what it was caused by. They thought it was mad cow disease in humans but it turned out it wasn't." Erica starts again: this time no one interrupts.

"The virus was spreading quickly and it still is. My dada and the rest of the scientists had to predict when it would come to the US. The virus has been here for three days, it got to Chicago early this morning. My dad told me last night. He told me how to be ready, to have a weapon and so I brought this butcher's knife..."

"Why didn't the scientists tell everyone?!" Alessio grunts.

"I don't know. I asked myself that but I guess it was confidential information or something. Quite stupid, I think, that they had to keep it to themselves."

It explains a lot but not everything.

"Erica, how come the....whatever it is-" I begin to ask, once again being interrupted by Dane.


"Right. How come the...zombies haven't even tried to get me yet like they have to all of you?" The word zombies creates a sick feeling in my stomach. Zombies are fictional. This is reality. 

"That's another mystery..." Erica sighs.

Mysteries. That's all it is. We don't enough to survive out there. Just because it's a total mystery.

"The zombies out there isn't the only thing that's going to kill us! We need water. Food. There is a child here! We need to keep moving." Riley states, and for once, it's something worth listening to.

"She's right. We need to keep moving." David nods, kissing his wife, Sarah, on the forehead.

"Yeah...we need to find a way to get those zombies out the way. Find water, food, safe shelter and possibly a radio." I chip in.

Then I see Charlie's eyes open wide. "I think I know the way out and if you're claustrophobic, too bad!" His gaze trails over to a vent.

"Hurry up, Jane!" Riley grumbles, her voice echoing through the vents.

"Look, I have to help Erica." I turn my head back, banging it on the vent walls.

It's way to cramped in here and I just hope it doesn't somehow break with all of us in here.

"Which way now?" Alessio mumbles, stopping at a two opposite vent pathways.

" the right? Always go right so we know how to get back." Phil suggests.

"What's so bad about the left. I'm left-handed." Dane adds in, trying to amuse us.

"Quick interjection: when we get out of here, where exactly are we going?" Rhiannon askes, and I forgot she was even here considering she never really spoke.

"I suggest the countryside. There won't be many people there." Charlie answers, confident with his answer.

"You must have read a lot of zombie survival books to know all this." Dane chuckles.

"I was a geeky kid. Crazy thing is, I wanted to a zombie apocalypse to happen back then. Thought it would be cool."

"It's not a zombie apocalypse. It's a..." Zola says.

"Zombie apocalypse." Dane finishes her sentence.

"Guys! I think I've found a storage room. Looks like it has a back door out." Alessio explains, a tone of excitement in his voice.


We all jump down, one by one, hurting our ankles an knees from how high it is. It is a back door out, judging from the sign on it that says Fire Exit.

"Coast is clear." Alessio peers out the door.

"Hold on. Can you hear that?"

And we can all hear it. A woman's voice, singing.

"It's out there." Dane points to the door.

"Why do I recognize that voice?" Phil questions, feeling nervous.

"Erin!" Delilah squeals.

"Erin? But she-" I start, unable to finish what I was going to say.

Alessio, Charlie, Dane, Riley and I trot over to the noise outside, leaving David, Sarah, Phil, Delilah, Zola, Rhiannon and Erica in the storage room.

I see the woman. Colourful clothes, long tangle, frizzy hair. Singing What a Wonderful World as loudly as possible, walking casually through the zombies.





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