Camp Half-Blood Diaries – Daughter of Poseidon

Dear Diary,
Today I got attacked by a gorgon and found out that I'm a Demigod. My Dad turned out to be Poseidon, the god of the sea. I have a brother called Percy, too. Who, not to mention, treats me like a kid. Now I'm learning how to kill monsters in this place called Camp Half-Blood. Wish me luck!

Lydia Waters knew she was different. She never fit in with the other kids at school, either. What Lydia didn't know was that her father is the Sea God, Poseidon, from Greek Mythology.

Myths aren't real, right? Then why am I part of one?


3. Daughter of Apollo - Friend or Foe?

I step out of the cabin and into the broad sunlight. I went to sleep pretty quickly yesterday, which I found pretty weird considering I just met my brother who I haven't seen since I was dropped off at that care home as a baby. I stretch out to the clear blue sky and let out a deep yawn. Percy was still asleep when I left the cabin. Maybe I should of left a note or something? Nah, he'll be fine!


I start wandering around camp. Percy said he'd tell me everything about our past soon. Why mum gave me up, why Grover took me to camp, why Percy stayed with mum. After all those years of being stuck in my dorm room, watching the sky and sea looking like they were fighting... I wonder if Zeus and Poseidon - I mean Dad, had a quarrel, then? I don't think I'll ever get used to it - being a demigod. I laugh, thinking about the events that happened yesterday. I was just in my boring history class when gorgons attacked and Grover pulled down his trousers saying, "By the way, you're the daughter of a God! And you have a brother who you got separated from when you were at a young age!". Seriously, how do I know that I'm not dreaming? Well, I can't sleep in a dream, I guess. I pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming.

"OUCH!" I shout louder than I intended. I'm definitely not dreaming.

"If a little pinch hurts you, then how are you gonna survive?" I turn around to see where the voice came from. A girl leans her back against the camp's entrance sign pillar, nonchalantly sharpening her arrows. She looks so beautiful like the sun just shined on her. Auburn hair in a stylish half-up half-down ponytail decorated with a beaded headband sitting at her crown and emerald green eyes. She's wearing a black jacket over an orange turtle neck completed with a chunky beaded necklace, hoop earrings too. And of course, a quiver of arrows and bow slung over her shoulder.

"It really does if you pinch your upper arm." I reply. I didn't really intend for it to be funny but the girl lets out a laugh. She puts her arrow away and comes towards me.

"Victoria Alex, Daughter and Counsellor of the Apollo Cabin. Skilled in archery, healing and of course, haikus. You can just call me Vicky, though." Vicky smiles and sticks her hand out to me. No wonder the sun looked like a spotlight shining on her!

"Lydia Jackson, Daughter of Poseidon. I'm new so I'm not sure if I have any skills..." I shake her hand and look down in embarrassment. 

"So you're Percy's long-lost sister! The one everyone has been talking about, I take it?"

"Yeah... That's me...." I scratch the back of my head.

"I know we just met but do you want to fight? I could use the practice after all."

"What?! Now?! Um... Sure..." It's against my nature to step down from a challenge and I've already played enough fighting games! How hard can it be?


Vicky smiles and hands me a sword. It has a golden handle with a sapphire in the middle. The blade is so clean and shiny.

"It's yours. Percy wanted to get you something so consider it a cabin warming present." 

"Uh, thanks." I reply. Before I know it, Vicky's coming towards me with bow and arrow in hand, ready to strike.

"Hiiiii yah!!!" She shoots flame arrow at me and I do a forward roll to dodge. I get my sword and slash at her jeans, leaving a big gash.

"Arrgghh!!" Vicky sqints in pain and I smirk.

"What? Healers can't take the pain?"

"Says the girl who squealed when she pinched herself." Vicky smiles, blows her fringe out of her face and stands up. She somersaults in the air, shooting arrows as she goes. Stabbing the tip of her bow into the ground, Vicky kicks my face.

"And you basically just got your face kicked!" Vicky shoots flaming arrows at me again. They're about to hit my face when a wall of water appears in front of me. The water drains out the flame and the arrows fall to the floor.

"What?!" I'm confused for a moment. "Of course! I'm the daughter of the sea god and I can control water!" 

"Great! I always miss out on a battle!" I turn around to see a girl in goth clothing coming towards us, sword in hand.

"I'm Daina, Danny for short! I'm the Daughter of Hades and Persephone! I chose to be a mortal rather than a god, though! I know who you guys are 'cause I kinda eavesdropped on your conversation! Mind if I join in, Lydia and Vicky?" 

"Heh, sure! I just hope you don't mind getting your hair wet!" I slowly lift up my hands and the water rises. I quickly spread them apart and it drenches Vicky and Daina.

"Oi!" Daina curses in ancient greek and I laugh.

"Told ya that you'd get your hair wet!" 


Daina thrusts her sword into my hand, blood spilling from it everywhere.

"Ahhh!" I grunt. I quickly move my hand under the water to clean the blood. Suddenly, the blood turns white and skin starts rapidly growing back on it.

"What...?" I whisper. I take my hand out and to my surprise, I find that it's dry.

"I guess you didn't know that you can heal yourself using water." Vicky says matter-of-factly.

"You learn a new something everyday." Daina and I lunge myself at her. I slash at her arm and punch her nose. Daina trips Vicky up whilst she tries to wipe the tears out her eyes.

"This isn't fair. I have to go against the two of you?!" Vicky bites her lip in frustration.

"Hey, it's not fair for us either! I have to fight the both of you at the same time!" I yell back. Without a minute to spare, I kick Daina in her shin and send her tumbling to the ground. 


She curses at me as she tries to get up. Vicky beats me to it and whacks the side of my head with her bow, sending me packing. I stumble back from the force, fall down into a sitting position and whack the back of my head against one of the entrance posts.

"Ahh...." I squint my eyes and look at Vicky and Daina, blood rushing to my head.

"That's it. I'm calling a draw." Daina mutters.

"I couldn't agree more." Vicky sighs. They're both on the ground, just like me.


"LYDIA!!!" I hear someone call my name and I weakly turn around to see someone running towards me. Jet black hair... Sea-green eyes... 

"Percy..." I manage to say. I try to get up but stumble on the ground. Percy reaches a hand out to me and I take it.

"What happened to you?! You're a mess!" He exclaims, pulling me up.

"I..." I look behind him to see fellow Apollo cabinmates helping Vicky walk back and two of the carrying Daina on a stretcher.

"Just look at you, Sis!" I look down to see cuts all over me and blood staining my torn clothes. "Seriously, what happened? I wake up to find your bed all nicely done up and no note or anything! I thought you'd gone for good!" Even though Percy's shouting at me right now, I can tell by looking at his eyes that he was really worried.

"Sorry... I guess you could say I made a new friend?" I look down in shame and Percy just sighs.

"Let's go back to the cabin." He throws one of my arms over his shoulder and balances my weight as we walk back to Cabin 3.


Percy helps me sit down on the bed and disappears into the bathroom. A few seconds later, he comes back holding a bowl of water.

"Put your hands in here." He orders and I do so. Immediately, all the cuts start turning white and disappear from my body.

"Woah..." I look down in shock.

Percy smirks sweetly. "Didn't know us Poseidon kids could do that, huh?"

I shrug my shoulders, "I learnt a few things in battle."


I go into the bathroom to change out of my ragged clothing, putting on an XS Camp Half-Blood T-Shirt and jeans.

"Hey, Lyds! Hurry up or we'll be late! I don't want to be fed to the harpies!" Percy calls from the other side of the door.

"Hang on! I'm coming!" I step out of the bathroom and walk toward the front door. Percy leads me to the dining hall.


When we go in, Percy and I sit together on the Poseidon table. Grover and Annabeth move their lunch to come and sit with us.

"Hey Seaweed Brain, Lydia." Annabeth smiles at me.

"Hi Annabeth. Hi Grover!" I smile back at the both of them.

"If Mr.D caught you sitting here with us..." Percy starts.

"Please, Percy! Rules are meant to be broken!" Annabeth replies.

Percy grins. "I never thought I'd hear you say that."


We start chatting and I laugh, hearing the stories of how Percy drenched Clarisse in toilet water, how Annabeth used Percy to win Capture the Flag. How -

BANG! The sound of a fist hitting the table echoes through the hall.

"So you're the new punk who thinks you can just waltz in here and say you're Poseidon's kid without even being claimed!" The girl glares coldly at me. She's really tall and frightening, not to mention ugly. She's wearing an XXXXXXXXXXL Camp Half-Blood orange T-Shirt and has her hair back in a ponytail. 

Percy stands up. "Leave my sister alone, Clarisse." Percy growls.

Clarisse just laughs. "Ha! Are you really that stupid, Prissy? That doesn't surprise me, though. We all know that you've been separated for you sister how many years but this ain't some fairy tale where you actually meet again. How do you know that she isn't some mortal who can see through the mist? How do you actually know?!"

The silent hall starts buzzing with noise after that. What if Clarisse is right? What if I was deceived by my loneliness and I just had dumb luck to guess the name Percy? What if?...


I look to Percy for help. He looks down, speechless.

"Percy... You don't think I...?" Pain grows in my heart, something I've never felt before.

"Finally! I knocked some sense into Seaweed Brain! It could be a trick, ya know!" Clarisse smiled smugly. I have never hated someone so much in my life before.

"Wait!" I turn around to see Vicky stand up from her seat.

"WHAT?!" Clarisse sneers at her. This doesn't seem to have any effect on Vicky whatsoever. She keeps her cool as she speaks.

"When we were fighting, she controlled the water. Lydia didn't even know she could do that."

"Ancient spells put on her to try and fool you! Anyone else want to humiliate themselves by going against my point?!" Clarisse shouts at the hall.


I look down at my plate and see my vision blur. Clarisse is right. This was all too good to be true. Me, Lydia, a girl who doesn't even have a last name? Just randomly called Lydia Waters by the care home?! Being a daughter of a God, me?! I knew it wasn't real, so why am I crying?


I stand up from my seat and start walking away, hanging my head high.

"Lydia..." Percy calls softly. I ignore him and keep going.

"See Jackson? It was all a lie! The punk's been found out now. She could never be a half-blood!" Clarisse smirks. I stop, bawl my hands in fists and turn to face her.

"If being a half-blood is like you, a bully who gets her way because no one's brave enough to stand up to her, then I don't want to be one!" This time I turn to face Percy with tears in my eyes. "If being a half-blood is like you, a brother who will just listen to everything Clarisse says because he can't think for himself, I don't want to be one!" Then I turn to face Vicky. "But if being a half-blood is someone like Victoria Alex, someone who'll stand up for her friends no matter what, who'll be there for you no matter who you are, I'd want to be one!" Vicky smiles at me and I smile back. I turn to face the silent crowd and put a serious face on. "I am Lydia. I don't have a surname. If I do, I don't know it. I was left by my parents at a care home when I was a baby. This was all too good to be true when Grover took me to Camp Half-Blood! And even if I was a Demigod, my parents gave me up, so what does it matter?! I'm not wanted here! I'm not wanted anywhere! I'm a waste of space. I SHOULD OF NEVER BEEN BORN!" Tears keep streaming down my face as the room looks at me in surprise. Wait - they're not looking at me, they're looking above me!


I look up to see a glowing greenish-blue trident above me.

"No.... way...." Clarisse says in shock. 

"But she is indeed Poseidon's daughter. Do you think that a trick could fall these aged eyes, Clarisse?" Chiron and Mr. D come into the room.


I look up at the glowing trident and smile.

"Thanks, Dad..." I whisper to it. The trident gives one more power glow before it fades.


"I am Lydia Jackson, daughter of the sea god, Poseidon, and I am a demigod!"

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