Glad to say Goodbye

I am that girl that would sit in the back and not talk, I am the girl that teachers would rather talk to then any other student and sometimes teachers, but I am also that girl who fights for things she believes in and I am that girl that everyone purposely shuns for what I was and for who I am, I am Paige


1. departure

I was use to my parents constant never ending bickering back and forth all of the time and trust  me when I say all the time. This fight was different usually they fought over the most ridiculous things, they only fought about me when Jude was on the way. i was in my room when I heard my dad say "Paige is not marrying him Cindy I don't give a shit" that is when I put my ear to the vent and listened I could not believe the words I was hearing in my mind I thought i was dreaming I thought I was sleeping but then when the vent turned on the cold blast didn't wake me up and that is when I knew I wasn't sleeping then suddenly my mom yelled for me and I pretty much trucked it down stairs and I got in the kitchen and there was someone standing beside my mom and and I a little out of breath say yes and the guy looks up and says "hey Paige" and i say "no mom" and she says "Paige Nicole get your ass over here now" and I huffed and walked closer and I say "what do you want Jacob" and he says "well seeing my son would be nice" and i say "yeah it would but you kind of forfeited that right when you decided to drop all contact with me and he is two it's too late now he is fine with no father in his life my dad is a perfect male role model in his life and so is Jude's uncle Jordan" and Jacob says "you seriously named our son Jude" and I say "of course I named MY son Jude" and my mom cuts in and says "would you two stop Paige you are twenty and Jacob so are you" and Jacob nods and says "you need me more then ever and you know it" and I glare at him and say "fuck you Jacob" and he says "didn't I" and my mom says "HEY that is enough" and I hear someone walk in the kitchen and say "mommy" and I whip around and I say "whats wrong Judey" and he rubs his eyes and says "you not there" and I say "sorry baby" and i pick him up and i walk up stairs and Jacob says "hey I have a right to see my own son" and my dad says "jacob why don't you just leave" and my mom says "no he can stay we are going to figure this out" and I say "this is non of your business mom" and Jude starts crying because I am mad and I say "sorry baby" and i kiss his forehead and then there is silence throught the house until there is a huge crash in the kitchen and my mom screams "BRIAN THIS WAS HER ONE CHANCE" and my dad says "she doesn't want or need him" and I mumble "fuck this" and I pack a suitcase with Jude and I's stuff and crawl out my brothers window with jude and we leave I get Jude loaded up in the car and Jude screams "GGs" and I say "no baby we aren't going to GGs"and he looks at me and says "Jordan" and i say "no we are going far away on a new adventure" and he claps and says "yay" and i tear up as i drive away from my home that i have lived in practically my whole life and head to..........


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