More then a fan

What happens when two fan girls go to a 5 seconds of summer concert and are the last to leave but not exactly the last ones..


3. 3

Skylar's POV

We didn't get to spend much time with the four boys which was a bit depressing, but we actually got to meet them! Katy and I fangirled the whole ride to my house, where we were staying the night. We had pretty much left after everyone found out my twitter handle. Most awkward moment of my life.

Once we entered my bedroom I threw myself onto my bed. "Katy, I hate you so much!" I yelled into my pillow.

"But. . . It was for a good reason!" she whined.

"And what is the reason?" I asked as I sat up to look at her.

"The pho- wait. . . Have you looked at twitter yet?" I shook my head in reply to her question. "Well, log in and check! You will love it." she smiled.

I reluctantly grabbed my phone and logged in to twitter. I was shocked at what I discovered. I had gained a bit more than a few new followers and had been mentioned a couple of times. . . Or more. "Katy. . ." I whispered. "What is going on?"

"Go on Luke's. You're gonna love it!" she squealed.

I did what she said and saw that I had been mentioned in a tweet with Ashton. It was a photo of Ashton and I. From when we were hugging. We had our arms wrapped around each other and my head was resting on his shoulder, while his was resting on my head. Luke had captioned it; '@Ashton5SOS and @FuckMeAshton Cutiiieeesss ;) x'

"Best photo." I stated. I quickly made it my new icon and retweeted it.

Katy sat beside me on my bed. "They followed us. We have four out of four now. And we met them. Total dream."

I woke up the next morning and had completely forgotten what had happened the night before. Although, I was soon reminded when I checked twitter, which was what I did every morning. My followers had increased and I had found that very silly. There were more mentions, which I refused to read through. And. . . I had a DM. . . From Ashton.

My heart stopped as I opened the message and read through it.

'Hey Skylar! Was great to meet you and Katy last night :) how're you today? x'

I smiled. He put a kiss at the end. A kiss. That could mean so many things.

I rolled over in my bed and bumped into Katy to wake her up. "Ashton DMed me." I whispered. I repeated it until she registered it in her brain.

Katy sat up straight and looked at me. "Show me." I handed her my phone for her to read the message. Before I knew it, she had typed and sent a reply.

"No! Katy!" I yelled as I hit her arm. I grabbed my phone back and read what she had typed.

'Hey cutiiieee! I'm great and you? Sleep well? ;)<3 xx'

I quickly typed in another reply.

'I am so sorry! Katy wrote that last message! Please, ignore it?'

I jumped out of bed to get ready for the day which would be spent with Katy. We had planned to go to the city and just walk around.

While I waited for Katy to brush her teeth I saw that Ashton had replied.

'Haha! You girls are crazy :P what's there to do around here? We're leaving on Sunday so suggestions? x'

'Says you! Well Kat and I are going to town to shop and walk and eat and shop. . . :P x'

As Katy finished and I was about to lock my phone, Ashton replied again.

'We'll meet you at the "malls balls" when we find it! :D x'

I turned to Katy who was getting impatient and wanted to get going. "Change of plans. We're meeting 5SOS at the malls balls."

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