More then a fan

What happens when two fan girls go to a 5 seconds of summer concert and are the last to leave but not exactly the last ones..


1. 1

Skylars POV

"Hello, Toronto." Luke yelled into the microphone. "It's so good to see you all tonight and we're really excited to start off the tour with you guys! So, the first song is one you should all know; Out of my Limit!"

I screamed as I heard the first notes of the song were played. My best friend, Katy, started jumping up and down yelling out to Callum, who was on our side of the stage. We weren't front row and centre of the crowd, there were about ten people I front of us and we were slightly to the left.

"Back in high school we used to take it slow. Red lipstick on and high heel stilettos. Had a job down town working the servo." we yelled along with the band, 5 Seconds of Summer.

After a few songs, Katy and I held up our homemade signs. Katy's said "CALUM, PLEASE NOTICE ME!" and mine said "WILL YOU MARRY ME ASHY?"

"So, how's everyone feeling so far tonight?" Calum asked the huge crowd surrounding the stage. We all cheered in reply as he continued, "I just wanna thank you all for being here tonight to support us on this tour and in general. It really does mean a lot to us guys. And you are honestly, hands down the best supporters in the world and we love you!"

"Hey, Cal that girls got a poster for you! And there's one for you too Ash. Feeling a bit left out here." Michael suddenly said. My heart started to beat faster. They had noticed our signs which meant they had noticed us!

"Sad life." Luke chimed in.

"Hold it up higher!" I tried to yell to Katy. "Ashton! I love you!" I yelled to him.

Ashton got up from his drum kit to stand with the other guys and read our signs.

Calum read out Katy's sign, "Her poster says. . . 'Calum, please notice me!'. Aw, of course hun! I try to notice everyone!"

"He spoke to me!" Katy had practically cried into my ear. "I think I'll go die now!"

"What's your name?" Calum asked Katy.

"It's Katy! But you can call me Katy Kat!" she yelled up to him with her best attempt at a wink.

Calum laughed. "Interesting name, Katy Kat. Now, Ash you gotta read yours!"

"No one's asked me that yet!" Ashton said after reading my poster.

"Please say yes!" I yelled with slight desperation in my voice. I jumped up and down in anticipation of his answer.

"What do you think guys?" Ashton asked his band mates. They whispered for a moment before he got his answer. "I'm going to have to accept your proposal! And what's your name?"

"It's Skylar My name's Skylar, I love you, Ashton!" tears had begun forming in my eyes just because Ashton had noticed and talked to me directly. It was a dream come true.

"Skylar I love you too." he replied while looking into my eyes and showing his dimples off with a smile. I nearly melted. "Can we get them two girls backstage after?" Ashton asked the security near the stage who nodded a yes.

Katy and I screamed. We were going to meet our favourite band! What could be better?

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