A Dream To Remember

"How could you? I trusted you! My friends told me not to trust you and I wanted to prove them wrong. it turns out that they were right and I can't even go talk to them ever again because I chose you over them!!" she yelled. "Who said that I wanted your trust?" he yelled back. "I thought you wanted my trust because I told you my deepest darkest secrets and you used them against me and now look where we are!" she confessed. "I-I didn't know that you felt like that." his voice softened. "Well, it's too late for that." she told.

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1. Chapter 1


“I knew that I shouldn’t have never trusted you!” she yelled at him. “What’s that suppose to mean?” “It means that you betrayed me when I thought you wouldn’t,” she yelled. “It means that I told you everything that I didn’t tell anyone before not even my best friend who passed away last year! I opened up to you but no!! You just had to be like every other asshole who I’ve dated before.” She finished while quietly sobbing. “I-I didn’t even know you felt like this.” He spoke calmly now. “Well you do now!” she yelled through her tears. “You know what?” she asked him. “What?” he asked nervously. “We’re through.” She said while running upstairs to pack up her stuff. “Wait!” he called up to her. “What?” she asked angrily annoyed. “I can’t let you end this.” He motioned between himself and her. “Well we all can’t get what we want.” She answered back. As she was walking towards the bedroom door to leave, he grabbed onto her wrist (and to tightly also). “Ouch!” she yelped in pain. “Let go of me!” “No!” “Why not?” she asked. “Because I want us to forget about this fight and continue our relationship.” He explained. “Well too bad for you, now is it?” she snapped and pulled her wrist from his grip.


She slammed the front door and left without knowing where to go. I’ll just go to Luke’s house. I hope he isn’t there. And if I see his car, I’ll go to my last option, Delilah. As she was driving to Luke’s house, she started recalling of all the names he called her before she lashed out on him. “Oh god, what did I do?” she whispered to herself.


As she pulled into the Hemmings' driveway, she ran fast to the door and pounded on it, letting them know that she was there. “Hey. What’s-oh, what’s the matter? Come in, please.” Liz worriedly said. “I-I b-b-broke up wi-with him.” She said while having yet another meltdown. “Oh sweetie, it’s okay. He wasn’t nice if you broke you with him. And what’s that?” she asked, pointing at her wrist. “Oh, he wanted me to stay with him and I was leaving and he just grabbed my wrist.” She briefly explained to Liz. “Okay, I’ll just go get Luke and tell him you’re here. Okay?” She just nodded her head. “Luke! Come down here, please!” Liz yelled from the bottom of the stairs to upstairs. “What?” Luke sleepily asked. “Oh, hi. I didn’t know you were here. Um…I’ll just go put on some clothes and I’ll be right back.” Luke said wide-eyed and ran back upstairs to go get changed.


“Okay, I’m back.” Luke said after a few minutes of being in his room. “Okay.” She replied. “Luke, honey, I’m in the kitchen. Could you give me a hand? I can’t reach the last thing I need for the cookies I’m making.” Liz yelled from the kitchen. “Okay. I’m coming.” He replied. He walked into the kitchen to find his mom on the step stool and still cannot reach the top shelf where the spices are kept. “Here you go mom.” Luke said while handing her the ginger that she needed. He walked back out into the living room where she was, his crush of 2 years.


Yeah, definitely not going to get over her. He thought when he first time saw her 2 years ago at the café that he worked at and was right around the corner.


*Flashback to 2 years ago*


“Luke, honey, are you almost ready for your first day at work?” asked Liz. “Almost!” Luke yelled back from his room. "Okay. Because you need to be there in like 10 minutes!" she hollered back. "Oh crap." he mumbled to himself. Luke ran downstairs and before he left, he shouted, "I'm leaving now! I'll be back around 5!" And he left to go to work.


*30 minutes into work*

"Luke, can you handle this customer coming in, please?" his co-worker, Michelle asked. "Sure." he replied. The bells rung, meaning that someone has came in or left, in this case, she came in the café. "Hi. What can I get you today?" Luke asked. "Um... Can I get a blueberry muffin and a medium coffee?" "Sure. Anything else?" "Nope. that's all." "Okay. That will be $2.64 and your number." he cheekily added in. "Okay. Here's your money. And do you always to this to your female customers?" "Uh no. This is my first day." he mumbled but she still heard. "Okay. I need paper and pen." she demanded. "paper and pen right here." She scribbled her number and her name on the paper, took her stuff, winked at Luke and left the café. 


The rest of his day, he wouldn't stop smiling and drifting off into space thinking about her. 


"Are you okay there?" Ben, one of Luke's older brothers asked. "Yeah. I'm just thinking." Luke replied dreamily. "Ooh!!! Is it a girl?" Jack, Luke's other older brother interrogated, "I bet it's a girl. That's why he's all happy and stuff." "Yeah. It's about a girl that I just met at work." Luke assured. "Ooh, tell us about her. What does she look like?" Ben and Jack asked in sync. "Well, she has long blonde hair and brown eyes that look innocent puppy eyes that make puppies get away with anything. And she has a beauty mark right on her neck," he pointed to his neck where her beauty mark is. "And basically, she's the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen." Luke explained. 


Luke went to bed dreaming about this mysterious girl he met and he was planning on asking her out the next day. But, little did he know that she had an abusive boyfriend that would do everything to make sure that would not talk to boys or anyone in that matter. he had no idea that she would only friendzone hime because she was afraid of the outcome of her boyfriend.  


*Flashback ends* 



Hey guys, I'm new here and I just wanted to write a fanfiction of Luke Hemmings. :D 

I hope you guys like this story. And btw, this is completely made up from my head so...if this sounds familiar to anyone's story, I'm sorry. i didn't mean to steal your story. Anyway, I'll probably update every Friday night. Have a good day/night guys. :) And at the bottom is the girl that Luke is describing. And at the end, I'll tell everyone the mysterious girl's name. :) 

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