Don't let go... (ashton imagine)

Autumn was separated from her twin brother Calum at the age of 10. They where really close before their parents broke up and each took one child. Autumn moved with their mom to London, while Calum stayed with their father in Sydney. The two of them where heartbroken. Autumn was abused by her mom and boyfriend.
What will happen when The two of them meet again?
Will Calum's friends be close with Autumn?
What will she think of Ashton? Read to find out!


9. meeting Cal's friends

Callum's POV:

I ended the hug as she calmed down and i kissed her forehead. She smiled at me but i knew it was fake. I smiled back. I took her hand and we walked downstairs for pancakes. We ate happily while talking about some old memories. She is the best. But i had to ask the question...

"Aut... Do you mind if i um.. If my friends come over...? Cause we have a band and we need to practise..." I asked nervously looking at her eyes to find out her feelings about it.

"Ofcourse Calum. This is your house." She said with a smile and giggle.

"Thanks." I said with a laugh.

Autumn's POV:

"Thanks" Calum said with a laugh.

We finished pur pancakes and went in my room to get dressed. I wore black ripped skinny jeans, and a nirvana top with a leather jacket. I also curled the ends of my hair. I also put on foundation, powder, blush, mascara and eyeliner. Success.

I walked downstairs to see Calum and three other boys on the sofa. I smiled as i saw Calum laughing.

"Hi." I greeted them with a smile.

"Hey." Some of them said.

"Calum you didn't tell us you had a girlfriend." One of them said. He had coloured hair.

I laighed at his comment and hid my face in my hands.

"She's not my girlfriend." Calum said.

"I'm his twin-sister." I said with a smile.

All of their jaws dropped. Hadn't Calum told them about me?

"Look guys... It was just a painful topic." Calum said looking at the floor.

"It's okay. We get it." One of them with a funny aussi accent said.

"What's your name?" The aussi accented asked me.

"I'm Autumn." I said with a smile.

"Autumn. What a beautiful name." The one with a lip ring said.

I asked their names and they told them to me. Michael, Luke and Ashton. I sat with them on the sofas. We where watching a movie. It was really fun...



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