Don't let go... (ashton imagine)

Autumn was separated from her twin brother Calum at the age of 10. They where really close before their parents broke up and each took one child. Autumn moved with their mom to London, while Calum stayed with their father in Sydney. The two of them where heartbroken. Autumn was abused by her mom and boyfriend.
What will happen when The two of them meet again?
Will Calum's friends be close with Autumn?
What will she think of Ashton? Read to find out!


13. Fri. 13th, just my luck

Autumn's POV:

I woke up to my annoying alarm. First day of school in my new school, and it's Friday the 13th. Urghh. It has been a week since mine and Ashton's "date". Atleast Calum and his friends go to the same school as me. I don't know if they're in the popular group tho. Guess i'll just have to find out then... I looked out the window. It looked quite chilly. I got up and took a shower. The hot water on my skin felt amazing. I got out, dried myself and my hair. I put on a baby-pink shirt and my favourite blue-ish skinny jeans. I also put on a necklace. After that i brushed my teeth and curled the ends of my brunette hair with some highlights. I put on some foundation, powder, mascara and eyeliner. I also put on some baby-pink lipgloss. I grabbed my candyfloss (cottoncandy) perfume and sprayed it onto myself.

I slid on my galaxy vans that i decorated myself back in London. I looked into the mirror with success. the outfit looked like this:

I walked downstairs. I never eat breakfast so i just went to sit on the sofa waiting for Calum. While waiting for him, i grabbed my phone and scrolled on my youtube subscriptions. I grabbed my earphones and started to watch some famous youtubers. Ahh they made my day. Or should i say morning?

After a while i heard calum coming from the kitchen. He had already eaten breakfast.

"Aren't you gonna eat?" He asked

I quickly made up a lie:

"Umm.. I don't feel like it.. Ya know nervous for the new school.." I lied

I hope he didn't notice my lying.

"Oh.. Okay. Ready to leave?" He asked

Phew... He didn't notice.

"Yeah." I answered smiling.

Then i got up and grabbed my schoolbag. I put on a leather jacket and stepped out. It was freezing outside. There was ice on the roads.

I quickly but carefully ran into Calum's car. I sat down and quickly put the seatwarming as high as it goes. I was freezing my butt off.


I stepped out of the car. I wasn't that nervous since i'm quite confident. I walked hand in hand with calum to the office toget my locker number and timestable. After that, Calum showed me around because we still had like 20min 'till our first class.


I stepped into my first class. I greeted my maths teacher and she introduced me to the class. Luckily i had almost all of my classes with Calum and his friends.

"Okay students. This is Autumn Hood. She is new to this school so be nice to her." She said

"Hi." I confidently said and smiled.

I heard a few 'hey':s and 'hi':s in responce. I noticed a few boys eyeing me. They where all quite good looking, but i only concentrated on Ashton.

"Take a seat please." The teacher said with a smile.

"Okay." I said and returned one.

I sat down into the only free seat which was next to Ashton in the backrow.

"Hi!" He happily said.

"Hey!" I replied.

Even his voice gives me shivers. I was quite good in school and the things that we where learning now i already learnt last year in London. I raised my hand a couple of times, but not too much to make myself seem like a nerd. No. Not on the first day.

---*skip to luch*---

The boys went to eat, so i just told them that i'd be there in a minute, and that i was going to the bathroom. But no. I wasn't really gonna eat. I thought that after lunch i'd just tell them that i got lost or something. I walked outside, and as i was about to go sit under the tree, i slipped on the icy ground knee first. Luckily no one was there. It kinda hurt but i just got up and continued my journey towards the tree. I'm not a very weak person towards pain. I sat there for the rest of the break and went inside as the bell rang. It was crouded so no one looked at me. At this point, my knee was throbbing. I saw Calum in the distance. As i reached to him i lied to him that i didn't go to eat because i got lost. He looked at my legs with shock.

"What?" I asked and then looked at my legs.

"Shit..." I said as i saw that the whole area around my knee was full of blood. And i broke my favourite jeans...

Like great. Now my favorite jeans are full of blood and it's a total disgusting mess (that's what i might also say on a period XD). Suddenly Calum picked me up without even asking and carried me to the nurses office. I didn't try to get out of his grip since there was no one there, and my knee was hurting.

As i got to the nurse calum set me down on the bed thingy. I told Calum to leave and that i was fine so he left.

I told the nurse that i slipped outside the school because it was icy and they hadn't put rocks in the school yard properly to stop from slipping. The nurse told me to take off my jeans, so i did. As i saw the cut in my knee it totally grossed me out. The skin was hanging and just.... EWH. The nurse said that the cut was so deep that it needed stitches. Great. She was surprised of how it didn't even hurt me much and that i didn't notice it since it was so deep. She told me to go to the hospital accross the road to get stitches. How convenient. I put my jeans on after she put a plaster and some secure tape over my scar. I walked to the hospital not even bothering to tell Calum.

I got my stitches done, and it didn't even hurt. Or at least it didn't hurt me. The doctor put on a plaster so i could put my literally bloody jeans on.  The doctor said that i had a week lasting 'holiday' from sports. I wasn't aloud to bend my knee or make it wet at all. So i literally looked like a duck while walking. The doctor gave me a report, and told me that the stiches would be removed the following friday, after a week. I didn't even bother to go to school since there was only 15min left. What a nice first day of school. Go Autumn. Couldn't have gone any better... I decided to just walk home. Didn't want to hear anything from Calum. He would just yell at me for not telling him blah blah blah...

As i got home i walked up the stairs to my room. It was not easy since i wasn't aloud to bend my knee at all. I stepped into my room and locked the door with a really secure lock. I dumped my jacket, shoes and bag on the floor. I carefully changed into yoga pants and then a sweater. jumped in bed. I put my phone to charge next to me and drifted off to sleep...

A/N heyy. Thanks for reading! The reason why i decided to write about the character getting stiches, was because that excact thing happened to me yesterday, friday the 13th. Except ofcourse i wasn't walking towards a tree, and i didn't have a Calum to carry me😂. I had to walk myself. But just know, it didn't hurt much. I laughed and smiled the whole time. I hadn't noticed the blood for almost an hour. And that was the outfit i was wearing. Yes, i broke my fav jeans... But thx so much for reading! :D

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