Don't let go... (ashton imagine)

Autumn was separated from her twin brother Calum at the age of 10. They where really close before their parents broke up and each took one child. Autumn moved with their mom to London, while Calum stayed with their father in Sydney. The two of them where heartbroken. Autumn was abused by her mom and boyfriend.
What will happen when The two of them meet again?
Will Calum's friends be close with Autumn?
What will she think of Ashton? Read to find out!


11. coffee "date"?

Autumn's POV:

I walked back downstairs after grabbing my bag.

 As i walked down the stairs i could feel ashton staring at me. Aww. I walked over to him.

"Shall we go?" I asked breaking his thoughts.

"Uhh... Yeah.. Sure." He said

We walked out the door. I had left a note for Calum telling where i went. I smiled at Ashton when he opened the car door for me. awww. 

"Thank's" i said and he blushed and smiled in response.

he was so cute. He put the radio on. Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic! At the disco started to play. That song is just good. I love that band. And Brendon Urie is hot. I leaned against the window and looked outside. The sky was cloudy. It might rain soon. 

"So..", i said awkwardly, "Where are we going to?"

"I thought that we'd just go to Starbucks." he said while looking into my eyes and giggling

I laughed back. This was going to be a good one...


We arrived at Starbucks. Before i could even take my seatbelt all the way off, Ashton had already come to open the door for me. He even took my hand and helped me up. Aww. He was so cute. As i got up i assumed that he would let go of my hand, but he didn't. And i was happy that he didn't. Because i felt sparks.

As we got in starbucks he asked me what i wanted.

"Umm... I don't really know..." I said and laughed.

"Don't worry, i'll choose for you. Just go and sit down." He said with a heartmelting smile.

"Okay." I said and went to sit down.

I looked around the shop and it was full. All places where taken. I managed to find a single free seat. I sat there. I realised that it was probably made for couples. Oh well. It was a date, right? Or is it?

I gazed at the shop. Couples where next to me. There was a man nearby with his friends. He was talking about how he was going to propose to his girlfriend. It sounded beautiful.

Soon i already saw Ashton coming back with the drinks. Wow. They smell goood.

"Wow. That smells amazing.." I said with a smile.

"Yeah.." He said and explained what it was.

It was some kind of white chocolate and caramel coffee. Atleast thats what i heard since i was too busy tasting it. It tasted amazing. It had melted white chocolate and whipped cream on top.

"This is the best coffee i've ever had. Thank you." I said

"No prob." He said.



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