The Little Monster Experiment

Emma Lynn is a ghotic emo nerd. She was the type to keep to herself the majority of the time. All her years middle school she has been bullied by a popular girl known as Yolinda Gonzalez. High School is near and the one thing that still linger in her mind is...will she still be tyrannized by Yolinda?


1. Oh great school


      "Wake the fuck up!" My step mother yelled from the bottom of the staircase. Ugghhhh, just shut your pie hole lady I mumble. "Your ass better be up when I get up there!" she yells again. I swear she is the devil of the house. She might as well walk around with horns. I glanced over at the clock; It was seven a.m. Fuck, I will be late if I don't leave in thirty minutes. I rolled out of bed and opened my door. "Is dad home!" I shouted down stairs. "Not for long! He has to leave soon!" My step mother screamed back.

      Good thing I took out clothes the night before. I dashed for the bathroom and took a twenty minute shower. I struggled putting my clothes and shoes on while heading down stairs. My house was like the beginning of the school year. Everyone shoved each other never bothering to look up in order to see the obstacles in front of them. My father was driving in reverse out the drive way. "Hey, hurry up! Are you coming or what?! " He looked almost as exhausted as me. Maybe I wasn't the only one who had a sleepless night. I reached over for my backpack that laid on the side of the door and got into the car.
      "You really need to get yourself an alarm clock." He said while taking off. "For what exactly? I'm just going to break it when it I get aggravated by it." I replied." You need to be more responsible. Waking up early is something you need to get use to." He sighs. The school seems a lot smaller now that it's the last couple of weeks of my final year at Blue Spring Ride Middle . My father pulled up to the curb in front of the school.
      Three girls stood at the entrance. The one on the right was a little taller then one in the middle. She wore a white school shirt along with gray skinny jeans and a white pair of Nike's. Her dark brown thick long hair laid flat against her pink backpack down to her lower back. She had perfect caramel skin and dark brown eyes. Her name is Cristina Vargas. She was the second popular girl in school and the henchman for the in the middle. Let's not that about the one in the middle yet.
      Moving on to the girl on the left. She was much shorter then other two but she does play a role in their tripartite group. She wore a red school shirt with black skinny jeans and high top converse's . Even though she's not as smart as the other two she fits perfectly with them. She's plays the watch dog for them. She has perfectly tan skin matching her light brown eyes. Her brown hair is naturally straight and extremely long for someone her height. Seriously it passes her butt not that was jealous but it's a bit to much. Especially for the hot weather. Her name doesn't go around as much but you will hear Kayla Grace every now and then.
      Anyways, the middle girl is Yolinda Gonzalez. She wore a black school shirt, blue Levis jeans, and the Air Jordan 14 Retro. Her wavy blonde hair with natural light highlights stop in the middle of her back. She had pale skin with greenish hazel eyes that changes some days. Few people seen her normal eyes though because after finding out she needed glasses she got prescription turquoise contacts. She's the reason my middle school years been a living hell. They laughed and smile casually saying hi back to other students. I felt sick to my stomach looking at them wishing I was back in my warm cozy bed smoking weed and relaxing . "Are you getting out or you're just going to sit there day dreaming? I don't have all day."  My dad said interrupting my thoughts.

      I quietly got out the car holding my backpack in my hand and closed the car door. " Have a good day baby girl!" He shouted out the window before driving off. Everyone laughed including a group of boys. I put my backpack on my right shoulder, lower by headed rushing through the popular girl's group that has been blocking the entrance."Hey Yolinda look at the next lion king."  It sounded like Selvin Hernandez her boyfriend she had for three years. Fuck! I forgot about my hair! "Ewww, she touched me!" She laughed after yelling.

      I ran to the nearest girls' bathroom. I don't understand. How can I be a target. I never done anything to them. Is it being a wear all black with bracelets. I unzipped my backpack, reached in and grabbed my brush. Honestly I hated the bathroom mirrors. It reminded me of the trick mirrors at the fair. You can barely make out your image. I washed my face with that lukewarm water. I got startled after looking up because Yolinda was standing behind me. She smiled after seeing me jump. "I see you made it the last year in my school without leaving." She stated. I been wanted to leave but my step mother didn't allow it. Trust me I didn't want me around her this long either. "Maybe today I can make it your last day here. I hope our last encounter will be memorable. " She left leaving her words hanging in the air.


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