SuperNatural War

Will Dean Winchester die?????
Will Sam Winchester be brave????
Or will the world burn in Hell????


5. The Trouble Starts

After the job was over they went back to their hotel room. In the morning when Sam and Dean woke up they pack their stuff in the black impala to go back to Bobby's house.

~at Bobby's house~

"Sam and Dean we have a big problem!"bobby said. "What's the problem bobby?" Dean asked. "Lucifer is free from hell." Bobby said. " we should call Cas." Sam said.

" castiel we're in a bit of trouble please come down, Cas." Dean said. ~swoosh~

"Yes Dean." Castiel said. " lucifer is free from hell." Sam said. "Yeah, all of heaven knows that lucifer is free." Castiel said. "How did you know lucifer is free?" Dean asked. " cause the thousand years are up." Castiel said. "What do you mean the thousand years are up?" Bobby said. " well God put a thousand year bond on lucifer's cage, so after the thousand years are up lucifer is set free." Castiel explained. "How do we put lucifer back in his cage?" Sam asked. "We can't, once lucifer is free, he can't be put back in his cage." Castiel said. "So, what can we do." Dean said. "Kill lucifer in battle that's the only way to stop lucifer." Castiel said. ~Two hours later~

" hey Sam and Dean I think I found something." Bobby said. "What is it bobby?" Dean asked. " it seems like there is a special colt you can use to kill lucifer." Bobby said. " does it say where we can find the colt at?" Sam asked. " nope." Bobby said. " well that's not very helpful then." Dean said. It was getting late and Sam and Dean went to bed, but bobby fell asleep on the couch researching.

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