SuperNatural War

Will Dean Winchester die?????
Will Sam Winchester be brave????
Or will the world burn in Hell????


4. The Job (Part 2)

"We were just wandering if that was true."Morgan said.

"Sadly yes, but what was so stupid is that her best friend thought she was trying to take her boyfriend that's why she shot my sister." Taylor said trying so hard not to cry.

"We're sorry for your loss." Morgan said.

~back at the hotel room~

"Now it makes sense now." Sam said.

"What makes sense now?" Dean asked.

"Darcy came back for revenge on her death,that's why she killed those people cause they survived the shooting and she didn't." Sam said.

"Ok, so we're dealing with a vengeful spirit." Dean said. " look up where she was buried at." Dean asked. " ok, it says that she was buried at Blue Ridge Cemetery." Sam said. " do we know who's next on her list?"Dean asked. " yeah, I figured it out, Zaire is her next target." Sam said. " how do you know that Sammy?"Dean asked. " cause Zaire was her best friend that killed her." Sam said. " Sammy find out where Zaire lives at?"Dean asked. "She lives at 240 Kyle lake road." Sam said.

"Ok, let's go Sammy." Dean said. ~at Zaire's house~

They walked up to the front door then they heard a scream, so Dean kicked the door open. Sam grabs a metal rod by the fire place and hit the ghost with it. " Dean go to the cemetery and burn the bones." Sam said. Then Dean ran out the door and drove to the cemetery. Sam went to the kitchen to get salt then made a circle. "What's going on?" Zaire said. "The spirit of your best friend that you killed, is back to get revenge on you." Sam said. "Get in the circle Zaire." Sam said. Dean started to dig the grave up, then he open the coffin and pour things in the coffin to burn the bones.

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