SuperNatural War

Will Dean Winchester die?????
Will Sam Winchester be brave????
Or will the world burn in Hell????


3. The Job (Part 1)

There have been recent tragic deaths in franklin,Virginia.

"Hey Sammy," Dean said. "Yeah Dean,"Sam said.

"There's a job in Franklin,Virginia, so come on Sammy," Dean said.

So they got in the black impala and drove to franklin,Virginia.

"Sammy go check us in and I will go to the scene," Dean said.

"Ok,"Sam said. FBI agent Ross, what happened here.

"The guy was shot ten times in the chest, but there was no sign of force entry," detective Conan said.

"Ok,"Dean said. ~back at the hotel room~

"Hey Sammy what did you find?," Dean asked.

"Well the two people have in common is that they both went to Lincoln high school in 1970." Sam said.

"Ok, let's go to Lincoln high school to find out what happened back in 1970." Dean said.

So they went to the high school.

~in the principal's office~

"Hi principal Welsh,we're FBI agents Morgan and Ross." Sam said.

"How can I help yall boys," principal welsh said.

"Why is there a memorial outside in front of the school?" Ross asked.

"Cause it's for us to remember the ones that died and lived from the school shooting, it was a very tragic day that was." Principal welsh said.

"What year did the school shooting happened in?" Morgan asked.

"In 1970."principal welsh said. "Ok,thank you for your time." Morgan said. ~back at the hotel room~

"Ok,this is what I found there was only on person killed in the shooting."Sam said.

"Who was it?"Dean asked. "Well the girl's name was Darcy Crowley." Sam said.

"How she die?" Dean asked.

"That's the weird part."Sam said

" How is that the weird part?" Dean asked.

"Cause apparently her best friend shot her ten times in the girls bathroom." Sam said.

"Wow!"Dean said. "But why would her best friend shoot her?" Sam asked.

"She has a sister named Taylor." Sam said. "Let's go to her house to find out why her friend shot her?" Dean said.

~At Taylor's house~

"Hi Taylor,we're FBI agents Morgan and Ross." Sam said.

"We're here about your sister's death." Ross said.

"What about my sister's death?" Taylor asked. " well we heard that your sister's best friend shot her ten times in the girls bathroom." Ross said.

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