Taylor And Me

Taylor Swift never knew that she was a witch. She never knew that she would attend Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. But she knew one thing: she wanted to find love.

Sorry, I'm rubbish at summaries :D English translation: Taylor Swift attends Hogwarts (In her fifth year) and meets Harry and Co.
Taylor/Draco first, Then Taylor/Harry. Please R&R! Rating: U! ENJOY!


1. And I thought I knew It All

Disclaimer: The Harry Potter Characters (And Obviously Taylor) don't belong to me. Only the plot.

Taylor's POV:

I thought I was normal. Well, maybe I did love to sing and to play, but other than that, I was a completely normal teenager. Heh. Two words: not anymore.

I was working on a new song when the knock that would change my life came. I quickly put my guitar down onto my bed and ran to get the door. When I opened it, a woman that looked to be in around her mid fifties to early sixties was standing there. I wondered what she was doing. Maybe trying to sell me something? I hoped not. I didn't want to refuse 'charity', but I wasn't stupid enough to fall for a conn. "Can I come in?" The woman asked. I bit my lip. Stranger danger had been drilled into my head since I was very young. She seemed to read my mind. "Don't worry dear, I'll be very quick. And if you'd rather I didn't come in, then well...we'll just have to whisper. The information I'm going to give you is confidential," She seemed nice enough, but I wasn't completely fooled. I'd just have to keep a close eye on her. I'm good at that sort of thing.

I shrugged, pretending not to mind, said: "Sure!" And then stepped aside so she could enter. I gestured for her to sit on one of the comfy leather sofas, before doing so myself. The woman took a deep breath and began to speak, "We'd better get down to business, Miss Swift."

'What the flip?' I thought to myself. Flip was one of my famous catchphrases. Still is. How did that woman know my name? I didn't interrupt her, as I was smarter than most and knew she might elaborate if, and only if, I kept my mouth shut.

She continued. "I am Minerva McGonagall. You must be Taylor. Hmm...Have you ever experienced any..let's say...strange events? Like when you're mad, or you're sad?"

As a matter of fact I had. More than just once or twice too.

"Well, then you are a witch, to put it bluntly. So am I. I would like to tell you about a school called Hogwarts. It teaches witches and wizards like you to control accidental magic. We would very much like it if you would join us."

I was well and truly shocked. I wasn't sure whether or not to believe her. Again, she seemed to notice this, and sighing, brought out her 'wand'-her wand! With a flick of it, she had shut all the curtains, the kitchen door and conjured a purse from nowhere, handing it to me. When I opened it, it was full of money. I gasped. Maybe Minerva was truly a witch. She opened the curtains again and said: "I think it may be time for a trip to Diagon Alley."

                                           *****************2 HOURS LATER************************

I was nervous. McGonagall had told me everything on the way to Diagon Alley. And now, here I was, about to buy my wand. As I stepped into Ollivander's an old man met my eyes. I guessed that he was Mr Ollivander.

"Hello, Miss," He said, "I suppose you are looking for a wand?"

"Yes," I replied, "I was hoping you could find me one?"

He frowned. "It is the wand that chooses the wizard. Always remember that!" Mr Ollivander then climbed up on a ladder and picked up a few boxes. He handed me one and it felt just right in my hand. I looked at the wand maker, confused.

"Well, that is unusual. It is rare to see a wizard find their wand on the first try! Now, miss, that is..Oak wood, 10 inches, and the core..dragon heartstring! Congratulations. That will be 10 galleons." McGonagall had explained about money. I fished the right amount out of my purse and Minerva nodded in approval. I walked out of that store grinning from ear to ear.

                                     *****************1st SEPTEMBER***************************

I was incredibly nervous when I reached Kings Cross, I was very nervous. I was on platform 9, but how would I get to nine and three quarters? I figured McGonagall forgot to tell me this. I was on my own. I checked my watch. It was 10:49. I had 11 minutes to find it! Finally, I decided to ask the guard. That's what guards are for,right? Wrong, apparently. When I asked him, he replied with:

"Dang it, I don't know what it is with you kids! Is this some sort of sick joke? There is no Platform nine and three quarters! Tell that to your little friends!"

11:53. I now had seven minutes. I saw a boy with platinum blonde hair pushing a trolley just like mine. I ran over, pushing the trolley as I went, and stopped before him. "Hi, I'm Taylor. I'm new to Hogwarts this year. Could you show me how to get to platform nine and three quarters?" I said. The boy didn't reply. He just stared at me. At last a boy with scruffy black hair and emerald green eyes came over and spoke to me.

"Hi," He said, "I'm Harry. I'm guessing you want to get to nine and three quarters? Just run through that barrier. Here, I'll show you."

All of a sudden, the other boy seemed to snap out of his trance and said, "What's it to you, Potter?" I frowned. I wasn't going to let my new friend be bullied by...Whoever this boy was.

"Harry was only helping me, unlike you," I snapped. I was surprised that he would be so rude to someone who only wanted to help. I followed Harry and we ran through the platform together. At first I was terrified and hoped Harry wasn't joking with me. I waited for the hit, the pain, and the loud noises. But they never came. I opened my eyes. I hadn't realised they'd been screwed shut until I opened them.

"Thanks," I said to Harry. I truly was very grateful. He smiled at me, and invited me to sit with him on the journey. I took up the offer. He introduced me to his friends: Hermione, Ron, Neville, Luna and Ginny. They were all great people and I had a feeling I had some new girl friends.

We all made small talk for a while. When we came to talk about our hobbies, I was a little nervous. I told them that I loved to sing, write and play. I actually had my guitar with me as McGonagall had placed a shrinking charm on it for me. I also had a broom and was keen to learn quidditch. I was up to scratch on fifth year theory, as I had read all of my textbooks.

As we drew closer to Hogwarts, I can say that I was one excited 15-year-old.


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