Stay With Me (A N.H AU)

Is love strong enough to bring back your dead loved one....


2. Chapter One: Rose's Part

"Rose sit by me at lunch today?" Naomi says,I look at her with a smirk, "Where else to sit?"I ask. "Just asking," She says pausing. "Where's Stiles?"She finishes. "I dunno," I say. We walk our stuff to fifth period. "Did you pack?" Naomi asks, looking sincerely over at me, of course she knows I don't eat school food. "Mmm-hmm"I hum, looking out through the crowded corridors for my boyfriend Stiles. Me and him have been together for three months."Ugh,you're not looking for that scumbag again?"Naomi asks looking at me highly concerned "What's it to you?"I ask looking highly offended. "Well you know I never trusted him...if he ever does anything to you,you ought to let me know...because-"She doesn't get to finish because Stiles comes over."Hey babe,"He says kissing me lightly on my left cheek. "Hey,"I say. We walk into the cafeteria,Naomi eyeing Stiles closely. I try my best to ignore her but she comes up to me and says  "let's go."but Stiles stops her "Er- could I have a quick word with Rose?"His hand suddenly feels clammy,most likely because Naomi is now giving him the death stare. "Sure,but hurry up.And I swear to god if you-"Naomi says but I stop her grabbing her arm "Naomi,just go."I say,catching her eye which is on Stiles eyeing him with her unforgettable death stare. "I'll be waiting by the cafeteria door if you need me."She says not taking her eyes away from Stiles. I turn to Stiles. "You okay?"I ask,looking at him with a sincere look. "Er-,she kind of scares me,but yeah i-i'm good."Stiles says. "uh,what did you wanna talk to me for?"I ask now feeling nervous. "Well,I think I think that we should break up."Stiles says,looking as hurt as I feel. "What! Why?"I say feeling hurt. "It's not that...I want to or anything,but I have to go to college in a couple of days...and I think it would just be best if we look for someone...else."Stiles says not looking me in my eyes.  "But,but,we could probably still make things work, what college are you going to?"I ask feeling different for some weird reason. "University Of Oxford."He says,looking over at the cafeteria door. "Oh,well that's a long way from Manchester."I say feeling disappointed. "Yeah,I know but er- I gotta go,my mum's here to pick me up."Stiles says,he looks different now that he's not my boyfriend. "Well bye then."I say leaving the corridor and going into the cafeteria crying. Then someone knocks me down on my back. "Ow-"I start but i'm interrupted by the yells of Naomi. "What the hell! Are you kidding me?" 
"I'm so sorry,are you okay a boy with an Irish voice says ignoring Naomi. I open my eyes to find myself looking into the eyes of a cute blonde with hair sticking up in every direction,and watery blue eyes. At first i'm stunned at how gorgeous the boy is. "Yeah,i-i'm fine."I say,looking him in the eyes. "No,seriously I didn't mean to I should of paid more attention."he says,looking me back in the eyes. "Oh my god, you're crying,"He says,looking really concerned "Hmm,I like you,"Naomi says,obviously noticing his kindness. "Er,thanks..." He says,finally looking up at her. "Seriously,are you okay? Do you want me to take you to the nurses office?"He asks,now looking at me. 'N-no i-i'm fine..."I say,leaning up some. "Well here let me help you up,and i'm going to sit with you...if that's okay?"He asks. "Yes,that's okay,"Naomi says before I can. "cool,oh and by the way i'm Niall,Niall Horan...And you are?"He says,talking to me. "Rose,Rose Parker."I say grinning,because even though i'm still sad about Stiles I know that I just made a really good friend...Niall Horan,a boy that my best friend Naomi approves of. I think I just might be okay with my breakup today. "So,so,do you want me to sit with you?" he asks,looking suddenly very awkward. I just nod,as we head to our table.


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