Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


29. Where We First Kissed and Emergencies

Zayn's POV

We'd gotten back to our place, and we decided to go to the art studio. We haven't been there in so long, so I felt like it was needed.

"I love you baby girl." I say as I paint. "I love you too." Rose says back.

Her and I sat beside each other, and she was drawing us. "I'll hang that one up when you finish it." I tell her. Rose blushes, and I stop to lightly kiss her cheek.

I hear the doorbell, and I get up to see who it is.

I open the door and nobody was there, but there was a envelope addressed to Rose. I take it and close the door, then go back to the art room.

"Rose you have a letter." I say as she looks up at me. I hand it to her and she opens it.

She reads it and then she smiles. "What?" I ask her. She hands me the paper and I read it:


I know that you may just throw this out, and I get that. If that's what happens, that's fine.

I'm sorry about all that I've done. I mean it. I've screwed up BIG time, and I'm 110% sorry.

I don't want you with Zayn because he's in One Direction and you may not really see him after this.

I know that you two could make it work, so I'm tellinf you that I'm happy for both of you.

By the way, Harry made me do this.


"Alright then."

I sit next to Rose, and place my arm on her shoulder, and she sets her head on my shoulder as best as she can.

My phone goes off, and it's Louis. "Remember that bar we went to when Rose and Lauren came here?" He asks me. "You mean the one bar we went to and I-" I stop there because I never told them about that night.

"Finish that sentence." Louis says. "No way. Anyway what about that bar?" I go.

"We were all gonna go tonight. Do you and Rose wanna come with us?" He asks.

"Rose do you wanna go to a bar tonight?" I ask her. "We can if you wanna." Rose says.

"What time?"


"We'll be there."


"Same drink." I say, setting Rose's drink in front of her. Both of us were wearing the same thing we wore when we first came here, and we were both don't inking the same thing too.

The funny part?

We are sitting at the same place.

"You two are crazy." Niall says, throwing back a shot. "For each other, yes. In general, no." Rose says to him.

Rose's POV

I sip on my drink, remembering everything that happened the first night I was first here.

Zany gets up and holds his hand out. I knew he remembered the things I said before we went to dance, so I went with it.


"Come on. Dance with me."

"With you."


I set my drink down and take his hand to dance with him.

It was the same song we had danced to when we first did this, and Zayn and I remembered it perfectly well.

After, we went back to the table, nobody else there.

Exactly how I was back then.

God things were in our favor tonight.

I was looking at Zayn, and he was looking at me.

"I'm surprised you haven't looked away yet."

"Me too."

We both were leaning in now, and after a few seconds, our lips collided. 
Zayn kisses me the same way he did then, and I loved it.

He pulls away a minute later, and I look at him. "I'd say that's pretty spot on almost." Zayn says.

"Its good enough for me babe." I say to him. I look for my phone really fast, and remember I left it in the car.

"Can I go get my phone out of the car?" I ask him. "I'll come with you." Zayn says.

We go out and Zayn unlocks the car from the door of the bar.

I grab it and then when I go to Zayn, a car hits me, knocking me out and onto the ground.

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