Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


15. Happy Birthday

Rose’s POV

The next day


When I wake up, Zayn’s just getting back into bed. “Happy birthday.” He whispers to me. He was already dressed, which was a bit strange. “Where did you go?” I ask him. “Oh you know, getting your presents.” Zayn says as he pulls me close him. He kisses me and I kiss him back. “What are you planning?” I ask him after he pulls away. “Just a little something for you. But don’t worry, it’s only going to be you and me.” He says.


“Aww.” I say to him. “You didn’t have to really.” I say. “I wanted to and that’s what boyfriends do.” Zayn says. I smile. “Come on.” Zayn says to me. “But I don’t wanna.” I say. “Nice try babe. Come on.” Zayn says to me. He gets up. “Ugh fine.” I say, getting up. I look at the mirror and my hair looks fine. Good.


Zayn comes from behind and picks me up, holding me by my knees and my back. I smile and wrap my arms around his neck. He carries me and he walks into the hallway, stopping and putting me down before we reach the living room. I begin to walk, my hand in his. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” The other guys scream. “Holy shit!” I almost yell, freaked out. Louis laughs along with Niall. “Don’t do that!” I tell them. “Hey we had to.” Louis says, still laughing.


“Zayn had nothing to do with it.” Liam says. “Okay then.” I say. “Babe trust me.” Zayn says. I nod. “Whoa whoa whoa did you just call her what I think you called her?” Louis says, automatically not laughing anymore. “Umm no?” Zayn says, trying not to smile. “Zayn you’re lying.” Liam says. “No I’m not.” Zayn says.


“Zayn Malik and Rose whatever your last name is!” Louis goes. “Okay okay damn Louis.” I say. “And my last name is Dawson.” I add. “Guys do we need to get into this?” I ask them. “Yes.” Niall, Louis, and Harry say at the same time. “Well as the birthday girl, I say we not talk about it.” I order them.


“But- not- why?” Niall goes. “Birthday girl’s orders.” Zayn says. “Wait, you never answered the question.” Louis says. “Oh my god if I answer it will you shut up?” Zayn asks him. He nods, looking at a little child. “Yes we’re who you think we are.” Zayn says. Louis’ jaw drops and so does Niall and Harry’s. “Well, congrats guys.” Liam says. “Thank you.” Zayn says. “Lauren know yet?” Harry asks me. I shake my head.


“You better tell her. Not let her find out from the paps or anything.” Liam says. “I know.” I say. “What you wanna do?” Zayn asks me. “I don’t know.” I say. “Why don’t I go change and we can talk about it after?” I ask him. “That’s fine.” Zayn says. I kiss him on his cheek and go change. I put on a dress with a jean jacket and some shoes, then brush my hair out. I go back to the others and they sit at the table. I stand behind Zayn.


“What’s the plan Ms. I’m-Zayn’s-Girlfriend?” Louis teases. I stick my tongue out at him. “Well, Mr. I-Wanna-Be-A-Smartass, we can go out to eat, and then go and do whatever.” I say. Niall laughs. “She called you a smartass!” He goes. “Shut up.” Louis says. I move and Zayn pushes his chair out. “Come here.” Zayn says. I go and he sets me on his lap.


“Where you wanna go and eat?” Zayn asks me. “Well, we could go to Panera.” I say. “That works.” Liam says. “Please tell me its Nandos.” Niall says. I shake my head. “Where are we going?” Louis asks me. “Panera.” Zayn answers. “Now the question is, who’s paying?” Niall asks. “I’ll be nice and do it. Since I’m Rose’s official smartass.” Louis says. “Lou, you don’t have-” I say before Louis interrupts me. “Yes I do because it’s a part of your present. So food’s on me.” Louis says.


“Oh my god Louis’s actually paying for once?” Harry says, zoning back in. “I guess so.” I say. “And since it's  my birthday, I get to call him any name I want to. So for the day, I get to call him Mr. Smartass.” I announce. “As you wish.” Louis says. I laugh a bit. He was a strange guy to be honest. "So you want to head out now or wait a little bit before we go?" Louis asks me. "Doesn't really matter really." I say to him kindly. "Its up to you Rose." Zayn says to me. "And as Rose's smartass, I give her this." Louis says, slipping some money under my hand. "Its a 20 since your turning 20." Louis explains. I nod.


"Smartass its fine buying me lunch is enough really." I tell him. "Keep it. Its apart of your present." Louis says back. Knowing I will lose this argument, I stay silent. "So what you doing tonight?" Liam asks Zayn. "Its a surprise and its only for me and Rose." Zayn replies. "Why can't we be apart of it?" Niall asks him. "Because I said so and its planned out that way." Zayn says back. "You gonna do it do it or am I so far off?" Louis asks. "Smartass shut the fuck up." I say to him. He makes a zipping motion at his mouth with his hand. "Not even close." Zayn answers Louis.


I can feel Zayn's arms holding me from my lower waist and I lay my hand on his arm. Louis shoots his arm in the air, begging for permission to speak. "What smartass?" I ask him.  "Can I at least say that you two better-" Louis begins but I shoot him a glare, making him stop. "Come on. I wanna eat and I'm ready to head out anyway." I say. Zayn let's me get up and after a few minutes, we all head out to eat. "Can I at least know what your plan involves?" I ask him as he takes my hand in his free one. Zayn shakes his head. "Why?" I ask him. "Because I said that it was a surprise." Zayn replies.


I stare out the window. “All you need to know is that you’ll love it.” Zayn says to me. “I thought you weren’t gonna tell me.” I say to him, turning in his direction. “I didn’t. I just said you’d love it.” Zayn says. “You make no sense.” I tell him. “Now that’s not true.” Zayn says. I try not to laugh. “You can be so malleable sometimes.” I say. “It’s not my fault.” Zayn replies.


“I love you.” Zayn says. “I love you too.” I say. “Why change the subject?” I ask him after a minute. “Because telling you that I love you was and is important.” Zayn says. “True.” I say, looking at him.


We get to Panera and Louis pays, like he said he would. We all get a table and we eat and talk. Lauren comes into the picture for only a few minutes, and she looks at me. “Happy Birthday.” She says to me. “Thank you.” I say, taking a sip of my drink. “So what are we all gonna do for her birthday?” Liam asks. “Well, we can do anything she wants and I’m taking her for the night at 7 so.” Zayn says. “Why?” Lauren asks him. “Just because I can.” Zayn answers her as Harry shoots me a look.


“Its because they’re dating.” Niall blurts out. “NIALL!” I try my best not to be too loud. “Oh my god.” Lauren says. “Okay then well I’ll see you- wait what?” Lauren goes. “Yeah um well-” I try to find the words. “Just, nevermind.” Lauren says. “Do what you want that’s fine.” Lauren says to me.


“I don’t know if you’re saying that as a good thing or not.” Zayn says to her. “Just nevermind.” Lauren goes. “I’ll see you guys later.” Lauren says before she leaves. “Niall what was that for?” I ask him. “She had to know!” Niall defends himself. “I was gonna tell her!” I say to him. “Just nevermind. I’ll deal with her later.” I say, going back to my drink. I had gotten a lunch, but it was gone. Niall of course, had stolen a bite or two, and I had shared a bit with Zayn. Zayn of course had finished before me, and he wanted a little bit.

“What are we gonna do?” Niall asks me when we all finish. “Umm I don’t know. We’re all versatile so we can all go somewhere different if we wanted to.” I say. “We wanna hang with you.” Louis says. “Yeah I know but I’m boring.” I say. “Nah. Rose that’s not true.” Liam says. I look and see a few people taking pictures and I move towards Zayn. “What?” He asks me. “She doesn’t like the cameras.” Liam points out. “Shit.” Zayn says. “Its fine. Its just I don’t like the people who take them.” I say. “Because of the things people say.” Zayn says. I nod.


“Where you wanna go?” Liam asks me. “Lazer tag.” I answer, thinking about it. “Okay. Let’s go.” Zayn says. We all walk, Zayn and I hand in hand, to go play some laser tag.


We get there a few minutes later, Zayn and I agreeing we wouldn’t hit eachother. We all picked names, mine being Zayn’s and his being Rose’s. Honestly it was cute, and we liked it. Him and I had then agreed we would be a team. “We hit them. You take Niall and Louis while I take Liam and Harry. Then we switch.” Zayn says, as we plan out our attack. “Got it. Then we just hit whoever after that, besides ourselves.” I add. “Yeah.” Zayn says, finalizing our plan. “Magic word is bae if we see eachother and need to make sure that its us.” I say. “Deal.” Zayn replies.


“What are you two doing?” Louis asks me. “Just telling Rose I love her.” Zayn lies to him. After a few minutes, we play.


I’m pretty good at it, and so I decide to hide in a corner, Niall coming around. I shoot him and I run. I find Zayn hiding behind a wall, and I know not to fire. “Bae.” I say to him. He turns to look. “Bae.” He says back. I run and I hide, finding Louis and I shoot him. “God dang!” Louis houts playfully. I run and Zayn shoots both Liam and Harry, then running to me. “Switch out.” He says to me. “Got it.” I say, running and hiding.


Liam comes around and I shoot him, Harry coming up behind him and I shoot him too, then running and finding Zayn, who is currently eyeing Niall. He shoots him and I run up beside him. “You’re good at this babe.”  I say to him. “We work good together.” Zayn says. I shoot both Niall and Louis, then Zayn shooting them both and Liam.


After a few minutes, the game ends and Zayn and I both tie. “How does that happen?” Liam asks me. “We rock.” I answer him. “Aww Harry its okay.” I say to him. “How the fuck did you two do that?” He asks me. “Like she said, we rock and we’re magic.” Zayn says as we go back outside.

“Now what?” Louis asks me. People were still there taking pictures of all of us. “Get away from them.” I say. “Okay let’s go back and we can go somewhere.” Zayn says. He takes my hand and we all walk back. We all go back to Zayn’s place just chilling out in the living room. I lay on the couch, my head in Zayn’s lap.


“I can’t believe that you guys won.” Harry says. “Its the start of a perfect and beautiful relationship.” Niall says to him. “The relationship started when we first met thank you. It just didn’t go anywhere until last night.” Zayn says to him. “True.” I say quietly.


“Is it okay if I give Rose her present?” Liam asks Zayn. “Yeah that’s fine.” Zayn answers him. Liam goes out and he comes back a minute later. I sit up and he hands me my present. “You guys didn’t have to really.” I say. “You’re talking about us. We do exactly what you don’t want.” Louis says. “True.” I say, opening my present.


Inside, there is a couple sketchbooks, the TARDIS notebook, a few Doctor Who books, a pack of pens and pencils, and a Sherlock bookmark. “Thanks Liam.” I say. “I tried my best.” Liam says. “I love it. You did well.” I say, putting the present beside me on the floor.


“How come Lauren flipped today?” Liam asks me. “She doesn’t like the idea of Zayn and I.” I answer him. “She calls me defiant when she’s known for defiance.” I add. “She’s barricading you.” Niall says. “As she has for years.” I say quietly. “Why?” Louis asks me. “I don’t know. She sees the conspicuous, they things I don’t. She claims that Zayn is gonna hurt me and all that shit.” I say.


“Zayn wouldn’t hurt you.” Liam says. “I know he wouldn’t.” I say.


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