Beautiful Soul

It's London. What could happen?


16. Birthday Surprises

Rose’s POV


“Where are we going?” I ask Zayn. “Somewhere. Trust me you’ll love it.” Zayn says back to me. I stare out the window and Zayn takes my hand in his.


After a few more minutes, Zayn helps me out of the car. “Its a little private beach area. Nobody ever comes here and so I thought that this was the perfect.” Zayn says. “Why exactly?” I ask him. “Close your eyes.” Zayn says. I do as I was told to.


“Why?” I ask him. “You’ll see.” Zayn replies. I say nothing. I feel Zayn let my hand go and he tells me to stay where I am. I do as he said. “Now open.” Zayn says to me. I open my eyes and there’s a little candlelight dinner. “I thought about what you said, and I out together exactly what you said.” Zayn explains, walking over to me. “Candle lit dinner, walks on the beach, and being serenaded by guitar.” I remember. “Exactly.” Zayn replies before leading me to the table.


We eat and we talk about really anything. Food, art, music, even just random everyday things. “What about just regular sushi?” Zayn asks me. “Nope.” I answer him. “Wow that’s crazy.” Zayn says to me. “I know.” I say to him. “I actually don’t eat it ever anymore really but I think its good.” Zayn says. “I’ve never eaten it so I can’t say anything.” I tell him. He smiles at me.


“You know, when the light hits your eyes, it give your eyes this ember. Its really, really beautiful.” Zayn says. I look away as I smile. “I’m being serious.” Zayn says. I look back up at him. “Honestly Rose, I think that it’s perfectly beautiful, just like everything about you.” Zayn says to me. “You’re literally the only one who does this.” I say to him. “Its because I listen and I love you enough to make you the happiest girl in the world.” Zayn says, getting up from the table.


He holds his hand out and I take it, also getting up from the table. We walk together and we go out onto the beach. He pulls me close to his side, his arm wrapping around my lower back, his hand landing on my hip. I do the same to him, and we continue to walk.


I lay my head on his shoulder and he lays his head on top of mine. “This is perfect.” I say to him quietly. “Just like you.” Zayn counters. “I'm imperfect, as I've said before." I tell him. "Why are you putting yourself down?" Zayn asks me. "I don't know." I say.

"Baby please dont do that okay?" Zayn asks me. "Okay." I say. "Just dont let the haters get to you." Zayn adds. "Never mind that we can talk about it later." Zayn goes. I look and see something shine. "What's that?" I ask him. "Your present." Zayn says, leaving me to get it. He comes back and he hands it to me. "Part one of three." Zayn says. I look and

a beautiful necklace.

"Oh my god Zayn it's beautiful." I say. "Here let me put it on you." Zayn tells me. I hand him the box its in and he takes it out. I turn around for him to put it on me.

I turn around to face him and I kiss him. He kisses me back of course and I can feel his arms around me. One of my arms wraps around his neck, the other one landing on his hip. "I love you." Zayn says when I pull away. "I love you too." I say back. This time, he kisses me. I feel his hand go up to my neck, his finger tips on my cheek.

My lips move with his perfectly, and he tries to enter my mouth. I let him and he plays with me. I feel him pull me closer to him and my body is tightly pressed against his. To me, this couldn't be more perfect.


Zayn pulls away and he looks into my eyes. "Part two of three." Zayn says to me. He goes and he pulls out a guitar from behind a tree. He motions me to sit next to him and I do. When I'm settled, he begins to play.

"I've tried playing it cool." Zayn begins to sing 'One Thing' to me. I watch as he looks at me as he sings.

"Somethings gotta give now
Cuz I'm trying just to make you see
That I need you here with me now
Cuz you got that one thing"

"So get out get out get out of my head
And fall into my arms instead
I don't I don't don't know what it is
And I need that one thing
And you've got that one thing"

    Zayn sings the song and I smile. He puts the guitar away and he holds me close. "You're the best boyfriend ever." I say quietly. "You're the best girlfriend ever." Zayn replies. I smile a bit more. I turn to look at him and he meets my gaze. He kiss me and I kiss him back.


Zayn pulls away a minute or two later and he looks into my eyes. "Part three of three is at home." Zayn says. I tense up a tiny bit, thinking that it might be what Louis wanted. "Babe its not what Louis wants. I wouldn't do that to you now." Zayn says to me. I breathe.

"Baby did you really think I would do that to you?" Zayn asks, looking into my eyes. I shrug my shoulders. "Babe I don't know." I answer him. "I wouldn't put you through that yet trust me." Zayn replies. I place my hand on his neck, my fingertips on his jawline. I kiss him a tiny bit and then I pull away.


“We can head home if you want to.” Zayn says to me. I nod my head. “Okay.” I say back. He picks me up, holding me by my back and under my knees. I wrap my arms around his neck and he walks.


When we get to the car, he sets down in the passenger seat and he puts my seatbelt on me. He close the door and he gets in the driver side. After a minute, we head back.


We get to Zayn’s about an hour or so later, Zayn helping me get out of the car. We head inside and he picks me up, same way as before. He walks and he sets me down under the blanket. He comes over and he lays beside me. Zayn pulls me close and he looks into my eyes. I meet his gaze before he goes to say something. “Part three of three.” Zayn says quietly. “I love it.” I whisper.


He kisses me and I kiss him back. My hand goes to his neck, fingertips on his jawline. His hand goes and settles on my cheek. He moves a bit, pulling on my lower lip just a tiny bit. I let him, not wanting him to stop kissing me.

We go on like this for a while, kissing off and on every minute of two. He knows exactly how I like it.

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