Johnny cant remember anything, except waking up in a room, finding a dead body next to him, blood everywhere, his head is pounding, questions overflow him, he's afraid and needs to get out of her, but the village is in lock down, he must find a way out so he figure out who he is... Is he a criminal... Is he a hero... That he must find out for himself.


7. The Ports

Johnny watched as the boats were docking, he could hear voices. He could see men as they were pulling out the little bridge, "this is my cue, i have to go now". He said to Mila.

"I doubt you'll ever come back here". Mila said, Johnny gave her a knowing smile, "you know i'll come back, Sam wont stop me you know that". She smiled, "i don't know, i might be dead for all you know". Johnny sighed, "I wont let you die". She looked up, tears overflowed her eyes, "don't forget to write back okay?" Johnny instantly leaned forward, their lips touching. For that moment everything seemed to be blocked out, he wasn't sure how long their lips were locked, but he knew tha the had to go before the ships set off again. He broke away, both were out of breathe. "Thank you" he heard Mila say, "i will comeback for you, I promise" he said, before heading to one of the ships. This was going to be his biggest journey of them all, he wondered where he would go, would there be any relatives to meet, he knew he had to find out for himself. But the good thing is, he knew he wasn't a criminal. He boarded the ship without any noise and waited, the boat swayed into motion as they men finished unloading everything. "Okay we're good to go now lads, off to Italy!" Italy, Johnny wondered to himself, was it great there, he knew they all spoke a different language. He smiled to himself. He will return to his loved ones soon. 

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