Johnny cant remember anything, except waking up in a room, finding a dead body next to him, blood everywhere, his head is pounding, questions overflow him, he's afraid and needs to get out of her, but the village is in lock down, he must find a way out so he figure out who he is... Is he a criminal... Is he a hero... That he must find out for himself.


3. Sam

Johnny tried to get it through his head, "he's Alan's brother?" He couldn't remember his friend Alan, so he went along with it, "how long has he been working here for?"

"For a while, he hasn't walked into the town before, i guess he was pretty busy, but before he got the job, i knew he didn't like me".

"What makes you think that?"

She shook her head, "we have to get out of her, i'll show you when we're out of here!" She opened the trap door and slid through. He quickly followed, his last glimpse of Sam before he disappeared.

He followed Mila out onto the street, he made sure those men weren't around. "We'll head back home, come on, I think the men have gone". Johnny followed her back to her house where the lady was at the porch waiting, "what happened, why is Johnny still here?"

"We couldn't get further than the trap door, Johnny saw one of the men from last night, her wouldn't budge". The lady sighed, "alright then, I was able to keep your clothes hidden, they would've killed me if they saw it". 

"Thank you, i'm sorry I put you through this... To be truthful i know as much as you". She laughed, "It's alright son, come on, breakfast is ready". Mila had pushed past him, he noticed something on her neck, "Mila, what's that?" She looked at him, "oh, the thing on my neck, I'll show you at the table". They all sat down, Mila sat next to him, she pulled the scruff of her dress down so he could see a ling scar going down her back. "What happened to you?"

"I was with Alan when it happened, Sam wasn't working yet, but when Alan brought me over Sam wasn't happy about it, so when Alan turned his back Sam had brought over one of the hot iron rods and he struck me with it". Johnny looked away, "he did that to you just because he hated you?"

"Yeah, it sounds stupid, but they had lost their father in a war and they didn't need anyone else ot look after because it was getting hard, their mother was ill as well, so i wasn't any help there".

"I can't believe it".

"You have a scar too!" She pointed to his back, "I do, since when?"

"He told me that if i ever come back, he'd do the same thing as he did to you, you got the iron rod down your back as well". johnny had already taken his shirt off, trying to see for himself, the lady tried not to laugh, "do you have a mirror by any chance?"

"We don't have a handle one, but there's one up in the bedroom, go on and have a look" she said, still trying to make the drinks. Both kids bolted upstairs, a big mirror stood at the edge of Mila's bed, Johnny was gobsmacked when he saw a white scar starting fro his neck and snaking down lower, where it ended around his tail bone. "So i must have gotten on his bad side then".

"I think that's his only side Johnny, i wish he'd go die". Mila sat on the bed, "I think he knew that i was in love with Alan, he didn't really care about you, but he would always try to hurt me, I hadn't told Alan about yet, but when he tried to stab me, she lifted her dress a little, Johnny looked away, his heart was racing, "don't worry he didn't stab me there, but i think he was planning to. I told Alan when he came in, he was devastated about it, he wen to Sam and ended up in a fight with Sam, he grabbed the iron rod and struck Sam with it, now he has  scar on his stomach, sadly he lived to tell the tale".

"So i guess Sam didn't love Alan like a brother anymore, he hated him more and more whenever he saw him, so that's why he just killed his brother like that, he didn't have no remorse when he was talking about it last night". Johnny said, this guy was sick.

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