Johnny cant remember anything, except waking up in a room, finding a dead body next to him, blood everywhere, his head is pounding, questions overflow him, he's afraid and needs to get out of her, but the village is in lock down, he must find a way out so he figure out who he is... Is he a criminal... Is he a hero... That he must find out for himself.


2. Regain

Johnny awoke to a loud bang, he hopped out of bed, hearing voices, only they didn't sound friendly, "where's the boy?!" He could hear repeatedly. He could hear the lady screaming, "what boy, what are you talking about?"

Come on, you better have him, we have to look through the whole fucking city for him!" He could hear objects being thrown around. "Hey, Johnny over here, come one!" He heard a sharp whisper, Mila was trying to open a small door. He quickly helped her, the door led out onto the roof and onto the porch, Johnny was able to slip through, but he didn't leave without Mila, "you can't stay here, come with me".

"What, are you crazy, i can't leave my mother!"

"They won't hurt your mother because she hasn't done anything wrong, but when they find you with the trap door, they'll suspect otherwise and they can beat you to a pulp!" Mila hesitated, but when they bother heard footsteps heading up the the room, she had already slipped out through the door and onto the roof, "be careful the roof's really slippery", but before Johnny could take a step, he'd already slipped, Mila grabbed the collar of his shirt, but regretted it as he pulled her down with him. They tumbled onto the porch, the lady was outside. "Quickly Mila, go to the police, tell them about this, this is outrageous, but don't tell them about Johnny... Not yet". Before Johnny could say anything thanks he was pulled away, both kids were rushing down the street, "over here,it's a secret passage i used with Alan, we barely used it because there was nothing to see up there".

"You mean you found a way to get into the royals courtyard?"

"Yeah, it's amazing that place, now hurry!"

She had kneeled next to a small shrub, pushing it away showed a hidden trap door much like the one in the house. "Get in, hurry!" Johnny once again crawled through, he didn't know how much he hated small spaces. He stopped once, almost knocking Mila, "hey, watch it, it's no time to freak out!" He pushed himself forward, now on his hands and knees, crawling, he had no clue where he was going, why did he have to go first. Finally he saw some light, he sped up, erupting out of the small trap door and into a court yard, some bushes were growing in front of him, hiding him from the courtyards guards. "It's amazing!" He said to Mila, who joined him, brushing the dirt off her dress, "I know, I wanted to get engaged where with Alan... But, that's never going to happen". Johnny tried not to get angry with her, from the sounds of it, she was trying to blame him of some sorts, but he wasn't going to take it. "Anyway, so where is the police?" 
"I think they're over there, come on, follow me". Mila was already trying to get out of the shrubs when something caught Johnny's eyes, someone was coming down the stairs, quickly he grabbed Mila's arm and pulled her back, "what ar eyou doing!?"

"Ssh, there's someone coming".

"Yeah, okay, but that bloody hurt me!"

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry". He rolled his eyes and watched through the bushes, to see who was there, it was a boy tall, pale skin, skinny, but looked like he worked out. He looked familiar, like the one he saw last night, "Sam", he looked at Mila, who had conjured up the name, "yes, that's it, that's his name, his name is Sam".

"He's the one that wanted to kill me last night".

Mila backed away, "we have to get out of here Johnny, it isn't safe here"

"I figured, but is he really dangerous?"

"Yes, he's Alan's brother and he hates me, he hated you the most!"

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