Johnny cant remember anything, except waking up in a room, finding a dead body next to him, blood everywhere, his head is pounding, questions overflow him, he's afraid and needs to get out of her, but the village is in lock down, he must find a way out so he figure out who he is... Is he a criminal... Is he a hero... That he must find out for himself.


5. Going Deeper

Johnny could go back down and get out, the door's were closed and there wasn't another way out on the lower floor, he knew he had to proceed up the stairs. He was in danger of bumping into Sam, hearing all the nasty things from Mila about him. He slowly made his way up the stairs, watching Sam and the man walk further down the hall. The place seem to get bigger and bigger by each step he took. Johnny could see windows leading outside, but were they locked, or open? He didn't want t make any noise trying to unlock one of them. He instead followed Sam and the man, who made their way into the room. He stopped outside, there wasn't any point in going inside, "Okay, well if you want to then, you can go out there and find him for yourself, i'm sticking with my men".

"Thank you, you've got some sense in you, i think i'll visit my brother's old friend".

"Promise me you'll keep her in one piece though Sam".

"Don't worry, i will". Johnny knew he had to get out now, he had to warn Mila. He turned and bolted away from the door before Sam came out, he found an open window and jumped out, he should have looked before he jumped, but right now he was racing Sam to get to Mila. He landed on the hard ground, pain shot through his legs. He tried to ignore it, he had to get out of here.


He made his way down the streets, where was her place again? This was real bad, he had to get to Mila before Sam did, he saw the lady, who was pulling her donkey once again, he rushed over to her. "Miss, it's me again, i need to warn you, your daughter is in trouble", she frowned, "what did she do, is it the men that came over this morning?"

"No, it's Sam, he's coming to your house to speak to her, I think he's going to hurt her!" The lady looked around, "i left her at home, head over there now, it's just down there!" she pointed further down the road, Johnny pushed past many people, it was getting more crowded at this time of day. He could see the house, Mila was at the front, sitting on the porch. To his disgust, he saw Sam, he was already reached Mila, he watched in horror as he held a gun towards her, motioning her to go inside, he followed her in and closed the door. Johnny had made it to the porch, he could hear them form the bottom of the stairs, "i don't know who you're talking about, please, put that gun down!"

"Don't talk bullshit to me, I know you know who i'm talking about, now tell me everything or i'll put a bullet threw your fucking skull!" Johnny could hear Sam readying the gun and Mila's whimpering. "I... I... I don't know where Johnny is, i haven't seen him for ages!"

"You little bitch... You're lying!" There was a loud bang followed by Mila's scream, Johnny ran at the door, breaking it off his hinges, catching Sam by surprise. The door knocked Sam off his feet, the gun flying form his hand, Mila was sitting on the seat, covering her arm, blood was dripping from her wound, "It's okay, the bullet nicked me" she said, trying to apply pressure. Johnny put all his attention onto Sam who was trying to get back on his feet, "there you are you little shit, I was worried i'd never see you again after that night".

"After than night when you killed my best friend... Your brother - "

"He was never my brother, he was before she came... And you!" Sam spat at him, Johnny did not flinch, Sam was taller, but Johnny somehow knew that he would be okay, "i have nothing for you Sam, i can't remember anything at all since that night".

"You're a lying little shit, you know that, i know you know everything from that night!"

"How could I? I woke up a few minuets before you came in".

Sam looked around for his gun, Johnny knew it was near Mila's foot, but could he get there before Sam was upon him. "Well i only came here to kill you Johnny, you can't live if you aren't locked up". Johnny felt a pang of irritation, No wonder Alan hit him with the iron stick, might as well stab him. "Now, if you give me time to find my gun, i'll end this quick". In a flash Johnny had the gun in his hand, pointing it at Sam, who put his hands up, but was still smiling, "ah, i see you don't want to die, i agree, no one wants to die, but it's for your own good Johnny, pass me the gun now!" He held out his hand to Johnny, motioning him to place the gun in his hand. Johnny smirked, this guy was unbelievable. He readied the gun, pointing it straight at Sam's head. "Get out of here while you still got the chance Sam" Johnny said in a low voice. He never wanted to see him face again. But Sam stood his ground, "you don't want to do this Johnny -", Johnny pulled the trigger, a bit of Sam's ear exploded, Sam backed away, screaming in agony. He fell back onto the ground, "you... You... You blew my fucking ear off, you piece of shit!"

"I gave a you chance to run, just because i'm small doesn't mean i have no limits you sick cunt!" Johnny spat at Sam. One more shot and Sam would be dead, but he knew that if he killed him ,he'd be hunted down and killed, he emptied the gun, "go now, let that be a message to all the soldiers you send to find me". Sam threw the gun at Sam who instantly tried to shoot him. "It's empty you little fag". Sam rushed out of the room, it was all silent, only the beating of Johnny's heart could be heard. Mila rushed over to Johnny's side, "are you alright?"

"Let me see your arm, we don't want it to get infected". 

"Thank you... For saving my life".

"you're my friend, i wouldn't let you get hurt, i was trying to get to you before he did, because i was able to sneak inside, i heard Sam talk about his brother, and you, he said he wanted to have a little talk with you, i knew he wasn't going to just have a little talk, he was known to ask by force". Johnny went through some cupboards, he found some cloth and a needle, the bullet hadn't really nicked her, it had gone straight through, he had to try and stitch it up. "Okay, this is going to hurt, do you have any alcohol by any chance?"

"No, we never drink that stuff, i 'm sorry".

"It's okay, i wasn't going to drink it, i was going to try and pour it on your wound".

Mila sighed, "great, i'm going to experience a lot of pain now". Johnny nodded, "whatever you do, try not to move, i beg you". Mila sucked in some air as did Johnny. It was the only way.

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