Johnny cant remember anything, except waking up in a room, finding a dead body next to him, blood everywhere, his head is pounding, questions overflow him, he's afraid and needs to get out of her, but the village is in lock down, he must find a way out so he figure out who he is... Is he a criminal... Is he a hero... That he must find out for himself.


4. Going Back

Johnny wanted to leave this family alone, they were already under the watchful eye of those men, he had to find a way back to that place, that little trap door would help, hoping that Sam wouldn't be there again to stop him in his tracks. He said his goodbyes to the lady and Mila and headed back to the little trap door, again he had to face his claustrophobia, he squeezed through, on his hands and knees and crawled all the way to the end until he reached the royal court yard once again. Sam wasn't there anymore, he slowly crawled out from the bushes and headed up the stairs. There was a huge door, he guessed it lead into the palace, he had no clue it was so big. He could hear voices and there was no where to hide, he looked up at the walls, would he have to climb up, he thought he was pretty good last night so it would hurt to try. Quickly he began to climb, fitting his feet into the crevices, he had to think fast, he was high enough now, a few people were exiting from the big door, it was still open, this was his time, he climbed down as fast as he could and swung down, the doors closed behind him. No turning back now, he was in a room, it was cleaner than out in the village, one step and it echoed through the place. He had to be careful that no one could hear him or he'd be caught. Slowly he made his way to the bottom of a stair case, this place was unbelievable, he couldn't believe he was missing out on this. Careful not to make a noise he began to climb the stairs. Voices were heard once again, they were coming at the top of the stairs, he slowly made his way up, towards the voices until he could see two people talking. It was Sam, he was everywhere. "So, i don't know when those men are going to find him, but apparently they haven't seen anyone try to escape the village so he's still here". Johnny watched as Sam took out some papers, "I think I should go out there to look for him, i know some places that he might go to hide". He heard that rough voice from a few nights, he had to see who it was. The man was tall, he had dark long hair, wrinkles on his face and he held a sword. he spoke again, "I don't know why you had to kill your brother, he loved you Sam".

"He was in love with that girl, she was getting in the way, of course he didn't love me, he sure showed it when he struck me that iron rod!" Sam had pulled his shirt up a bit to reveal a long stitched scar, "It hurt me that the fact that, that girl took him away from the family!"

"I know, but bringing his friend into this?"

"Johnny wasn't meant to be in this family business, but Alan decided to bring him along to meet with you, that's why i didn't kill him i only knocked him out, i only planned to kill Alan, but now Johnny knows about this!" Johnny's heart was beating so fast he could hear it in his ears now, all this was evidence from that very night, he still wanted to know why he was there. Th man spoke, "well, I think you know that Alan had figured something out about you, so when you called him up to have a talk with him, he wouldn't have to do it alone".

"Yeah, i know that, but i guess the conversation got out of hand, i have to train myself to hold my temper". 

That was enough for Johnny, he had to get out of here fast, this was all he needed to understand why he was up here.

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