Johnny cant remember anything, except waking up in a room, finding a dead body next to him, blood everywhere, his head is pounding, questions overflow him, he's afraid and needs to get out of her, but the village is in lock down, he must find a way out so he figure out who he is... Is he a criminal... Is he a hero... That he must find out for himself.


1. Blood

It was all silent, all johnny could hear was his own heart beating, why was it dark? Were the light out? There was a rotting smell, where was it coming from? He realized his eyes were closed, slowly he opened them, now wishing he hadn't. There was a reason why there was a foul smell, there was a dead body a few feet away from him, slumped up against the closet. Johnny tried to move but his limbs were aching. Well to him they looked dead, but who knows, he was able to drag himself over to the silent person, "hello, are you awake?" He gently nudged their shoulder, the body fell to the side, revealing their face, to Johnny's horror it was of a boy, not that old, about his age, he was wearing a tunic, but it's color was odd, very dark, but when he touched it, he knew that that was no natural color, it was damp. Slowly Johnny lifted the tunic off the boy's chest. He reeled back in horror at the sight of the boy's chest, it looked like it had been ripped open. His head was spinning how did he get in here, there's a dead person in front of him and he had no clue if he had killed him or not. His body froze when he heard voice, they were coming from outside of the room, he could just make out what they were saying. "Okay Sam, i know you want to kill the other one, but we need him alive to give us answers, the other was no help at all, so you should be grateful that we let you kill him". Johnny stared down at the body, were they talking about this boy and him? He didn't want to stay and ask questions, quickly he got up, ignoring the turning feeling in his stomach, there was blood everywhere. There had to be a way out of here, he spotted a window, praying to himself that it would be open, he pushed, his hands slipping off the window seal, he tried not to lose consciousness after he realized he had blood all over his hands. To his relief the window opened, it was big enough for him to fit his body through. A cool breeze hit him, it was dark outside, night time. Again he wondered to himself, what was he doing up here at this time of day? He swung himself out and shut the window, making sure there wasn't any sign of it being tampered, he knew he couldn't wipe the blood off he'd just dirty it more, he just hoped they would look there. Johnny started to move sideways, his hands aching from how tight he was gripping the corners. He reached a bush, it's vines were think with leaves, if he just pressed his body up against it, he wouldn't be seen. He did so and at the moment the window, in which he had escaped out of, opened. He could see clearly because of the light from inside, it showed the boys features clearly. He was young, maybe twenty or a little younger, his hair was blonde and long, he spoke, "Oh i'm so screwed now, the master's going to gut me when he finds out". A voice was heard from inside, "don't worry, we'll send the village into lock down, he won't be able to get out". The boy had closed the window, their voices were becoming distant, now all Johnny had to do was find a way to get down from here, looking down made his stomach turn. He didn't plan to fall to his death, not without answers. To his luck he saw a lady, she was pulling a donkey behind her, it was pulling a cargo pull of hay, he waited until it was right under him and then he let go. Wind whipped past his face, he landed with a soft thud, still alerting the lady. She smiled when Johnny had poked his head out of the hay stack, "why it's you Johnny, what are you doing up so late at night?" Was she talking to him? Was his name Johnny? He jumped out, landing next to her, "not talking?" She said, but her expression changed when she saw the front of his shirt, "dear go Johnny, is... Is that blood?" He looked down, sure enough, his shirt was soaked in blood, probably from the body up in that room. "Johnny, are you alright... Come with me, we've got to get you out of sight", she pulled Johnny along with her doing so to the donkey who started following. "What were you doing up there?" she asked, Johnny wasn't sure if he could trust her, he didn't want her spilling the beans to the people up there, he just wanted to get away from that place as soon as possible, his head was aching, worse than before. They had reached a house, it was two stories, the lady had started tying the donkey up, "go up and knock on the door, i'm sure she'll be up still". Johnny did as he was told, went up the stairs onto the porch and knocked, there was a noise inside, and then the door opened, beams of light escaped, catching Johnny's eyes, he covered his face, "oh, go away, if you're a homeless guy, I can't provide any shelter for you", he removed his hands from his face, seeing a girl, her hair was brown, it reached her shoulder, "oh... oh sorry Johnny, I didn't know it was you... Are you alright... What's that on your shirt?" The lady had appeared next to him, "Mila, i want you to make a tea for Johnny, he's had a rough night".

"I can see that, come on Johnny, follow me". Mila had opened the door wider so he could go in. Inside, a fire was going, a wooden table was set with three chairs, there were stairs on the other side of the room. "Go sit down, I wont be long" she said, before disappearing  into the kitchen. The lady had sat down next to him, "so what happened, if you don't mind telling me". Johnny realized he hadn't answered her question, but Mila was back, she had already made the teas, very fast girl he thought to himself. "So what happened, did you get in a fight with Alan?" She asked, he sipped his tea before answering "who's Alan?" She laughed, "he must have beat the shit out of you". The lady coughed, "Mila, don't speak to our guests that way!"

"But mum, he doesn't mind, he knows me!"

"I don't care, you can swear all you like when i'm not around, now's not the best time".

Johnny tried to hide the smile, the lady turned her attention back to Johnny again, "now, what happened?" He saw Mila watching him, sipping her tea, "uh... I don't think Mila should be hearing this" he said, she sighed and left the table, "something bad happened, that's for sure, your top's dirty, i'm going to clean it tonight, i'll give you one older sons shirt". Johnny felt bad for making this lady do everything for him. "Well, i don't remember much, i just remember waking up, there was a dead body a few feet away from me, it looked like their chest was ripped open by something, there was blood everywhere. I heard two voices, they were saying about killing someone".

"Did you catch a name?"

"Uh... Yeah i did, i think it was Sam, i saw him too, he looked not that older than me though". The lady looked away, "and do you remember the dead person by any chance?"

"Yeah, he had blonde hair, and and pale skin, he was wearing a tunic".

The lady sighed before answering, "i think that's Alan, your friend", Johnny thought he didn't have friends, this was getting far worse for him, "Alan?" He said to himself, to his disappointment, he couldn't recall him. There was a creaking sound, looking up he saw Mila at the bottom of the stairs, "what happened to Alan, where is he?" Johnny didn't say a word, he didn't want to say anymore, he could see the hurt in her eyes, "where is he, where's Alan!" She screamed, throwing the cup at Johnny, who immediately caught it. The lady yelled at her to go to bed, "I'm so sorry, it's just that, i think my daughter had a crush on Alan, It's hit her real bad that the fact that he's dead". Johnny stared down at the cup she threw at him, it had writing, "to Mila with love... Alan". He placed the cup onto the table. He was tired and he just wanted to go home... That's if he had a home. The lady had seen how tired he was, she her cup down, "come on now, i think it's best you go to bed, i'll get you some things to sleep in". Tonight was going to be a long night for him, that's for sure. 

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