I'm Emma Andrews. The tall one over there is Luke, the Asian one is Calum but he isn't Asian, he's kiwi. The one with the bandana is Ashton and the dude with the colored hair is Michael.

We are just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.


18. Shallow Creek part two

Luke's POV

Something startles me awake, a small, quiet banging noise from a room close to me. I smile softly, my arms around Emma, her breathing steady and her mouth slightly open. 

I sneak away, grabbing my knife that was next to me on the desk. I held it high, searching for the loud ruckus. My ears find scratching at the end of the hall. I walk slowly, holding my breath as the floorboard creeks underneath me. 

I continue to hear scratching as I come closer to the door. My hand rests on the doorknob, to scared to turn it. 

I slowly turn the knob and open it and fall back s something runs towards my feet. 

"Shoot you scared me," I sigh, as my eyes fall upon a fairly medium sized terrier running around my legs.

The dog breathes heavy, wagging it's tail back and forth excitedly. 

"So I see you found Peaches," I hear a voice say and it's the lady from last night. 

I stand up and brush myself off.

"Yes ma'am. I heard him and I wanted to go check it out," I say embarrassed.

"Her you mean..I have never introduced myself. I'm Rachel Creek, you saw my sons, Jacob and Noah last night," Rachel says shaking my hand.

"Im Lu- Oscar! Oscar Hemmo," I say trying to avoid the obvious mess up.

Rachel gives me a suspicious look, but quickly smiles.

"So Oscar, your group...are they good people?" She asks.

I nod,"Only the best. They are my seconds family."

"Well then," Rachel says giving me a small smirk,"tell your family not to snoop around like their may put yourself in trouble....along with the rest of your group." 

Rachel smiles and heads downstairs.


I explore the grounds with Michael, Ashton and Calum, since Michael said he needed to have a serious discussion with us.

"Look I don't trust these people....Something is's too, shelter, water, clothes....remember what happened at the CDC...." Michael says.

"I love it here! So what if it is perfect? There are some good people left here in this world Mikey," Calum said kicking a stone.

"The kids like it here. Faith loves seeing the pigs and Logan likes the peace and quiet," Ashton shrugs. 

"Well what about you Luke? Do you like this place?" Michael asks.

"Well I did...." 

"Until what?"

"This morning...I heard a noise in the house so I went to check it out and it was a dog..Peaches. Rachel saw me and we started chatting and she told me to not snoop around or I'll put you guys in danger..." I mentioned. 

"See?! She wants to kill us! Rachel doesn't want us to find something in the house..." Michael said, snapping his fingers.

"Dude, chill. She seems nice. Plus the food is great. Try eating some," Calum snickered.

Michael shakes his head,"No way! I don't trust that food."

"Why are you so worked up on the damn food..." Calum complains.

"Enough guys...we should figure out more about this the mean time remember, fake names." I order.

"Woa woa, since when did you become leader?" Michael asks.

"This isn't about being a leader! I'm just trying to tell they won't forget," I informed Michael.

Michael rolls his eyes as we continue to walk. 

"So...any news from Violet?" I ask them.

"No. Haven't had the chance I guess. I'll visit her today, see how her leg is going," Ashton says.

In the distance I see a girl with short blonde hair, hanging out with Faith.

"Um Ash, who's with Faith?" I ask him.

Ashton turns around, looking in the direction I nodded over at, and curses. 

"Be right back guys," Ashton says and runs over to Faith. 

"Wowie wow, looks like Ashton found himself a mama," Calum whistles and Michael slaps him in the arm.

"Shut up man, she can probably hear you," Michael says.

"Speaking of she's..." Calum says wiggling his eyebrows at me.

"What?" I ask. 

"Emma you idiot! I saw how you kissed her," Calum groans.

My face starts to heat up and I try to play it cool.

"I don't know what you are talking about," I lie, looking over to see Emma, talking with Noah near the barn.

"Quit playing. Every time you guys think it is romantic, boom! Calum comes in to cock block," Michael chuckles.

"I do not!" Calum says offended as I shake my head smiling. 

"You aren't a cock block Calum," I say.

"He is. You are Calum," Michael laughs as Calum pretends to get angry.

"Whatever...don't look behind you," Michael  says to me as we pass a tree.

"Wh- what why?" I ask about to turn around.

Calum turns around and says "damn" and looks forward.

"What?! What's behind us? Is it a walker? Rachel? A cow?" I ask frantically.

"Ummm worse....a sly pig," Calum rolls his eyes.

I turn around and see Noah hugging my Emma.

"What the hell is he doing?" I ask through gritted teeth. 

"Calm down dude. It probably doesn't mean anything," Michael says.

"Oh trust me, he is trying to steal your bae Luke. Show him who's the alpha male," Calum says. 

I clench my fists and look forward, trying not to get heated.


Ashton's POV

"Um Ash, who's with Faith?" Luke asks, nodding over in the other direction. I look over and curse as I say a girl with short blonde hair sitting with Faith.

"Be right back guys," I say as I run over to where Faith and this girl is.

The girl is braiding Faith's hair, adding flowers to it. The girl is much older than faith, about twenty or so, and looks as if she was never brought into this hell hole.

The girl looks up and smiles at me.

"Hey, you came with that new group last night right?" She asks.

"Yea I'm um new..I'm Ashton, this is my daughter, Faith," I introduce.

Crap, I forgot to say my fake name.

"I'm Riley. My mom is Rachel," She says shaking my hand.

"Oh! Yea I met her. she's lovely," I say.

"No she isn't, you don't have to lie," Riley smiles softly.

"No really, she is nice. Like no joke," I say.

"Really?! Huh, maybe we aren't talking about the same person. My mom is the devil. She hates me and everything I do to be honest," Riley sighs, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. 

"No she doesn't. Parents just want what's best for you ya know," I say sitting down next to Faith and Riley sits down next to me.

"How old are you anyway to be having a kid?" Riley asks.

"Twenty six. You?" I ask.

"I'm twenty but my mom still treats me like a child," Riley sighs.

"Well because she is getting older, so are you. She is just holding on to your childhood, even though it's probably gone," I say looking at her and Faith. 

"Doubt that. She just wants me to be a good little girl, keeping to myself, my mouth shut and just to sit and look pretty, and to also keep out of her way," Riley groans into her hands.

"Well you got the pretty part down," I say as she smiles.

"RILEY!COME OVER HERE AND GET BACK IN THE HOUSE!" Rachel yells from the yard.

"I have to go," Riley says, grabbing her book and brushing off the dirt from her knees.

"Hope to see you again some time," I wave at her.

She just smiles softly and nods, walking away. 


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