I'm Emma Andrews. The tall one over there is Luke, the Asian one is Calum but he isn't Asian, he's kiwi. The one with the bandana is Ashton and the dude with the colored hair is Michael.

We are just trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.


6. Saint Simpleton

Emma's POV

I woke up to the sound of movement in the house. I looked and saw I was cuddled up into Luke's arms. 

He was lightly snoring and I tried not to wake him up. I quietly got up and stepped over Luke and Calum. Yet Evan was no where to be found. 

I walk over to the master bedroom and no one is in there.

I could've sworn somebody was in here.

I walk in and looked around. Everything was exactly how we left it..except for the gun laying on the bed.

What the...

Suddenly, a hand was placed over my mouth and around my waist.

I tried screaming but it was muffled by a hand.

I leaned backwards and the person's back hit the wall and landed with a thud.

"Shhh please be quiet," the voice said and it belonged to a male.

I stopped screaming and looked into a mirror, seeing the person.

He had red hair and looked around my age. Of course.

Seconds later Luke  and Calum walked in with their weapons. 

In a swift movement, the boy  grabbed his gun, placing it on the side of my head. 

"Don't move. I'm here trying to help," the boy said.

"L- let her go," Luke said pointing his gun at the boys head, same for Calum.

"I will. I'm trying to help you, put the gun down,"

"Then why are you pointing a gun to her head?" Calum asked.

"Right," the boy said as he pushed me toward Luke.

Luke caught me before I fell and helped me up. 

"What do you want?" Luke asked the boy.

The boy smiled smugly,"Your friend, Evan is at our camp. He wandered in and told us to retrieve you guys."

"You're lieing," Calum spat the gun still pointed in Michael's direction. 

"I'm not. Come with me. Our camp is at Saint Simpleton High School. We help families and friends. We have doctors and we have food. You can rest," the boy says.

Should we take the chance...What if we die?

"Were you guys the ones who drove by yesterday?" I asked him.

"Yea, we were searching for survivors. The more people, the better chance of survival," He said.

"Alright, we'll come. But if I find out you are lieing, I'll blow your brains out," Calum commanded.

"Alright. Luckily I'm not lieing," the boy laughed.

"Get your stuff, we'll leave in 5 minutes," the boy said sitting on the bed. 


We were in his jeep, all of our stuff with us. Calum sat in front with the boy and Luke sitting next to me in the back.

"What's your name?" I ask him. 

"Michael Clifford," The boy says simply.

"Like the dog?" Luke asks.

Michael nods,"Like the dog."

"I'm Emma, this is Luke and the one next to you is Calum," I say introducing us.

"Nice to meet you. Now we have some rules at Saint Simpleton. After a certain time, you must go into your room and be quiet. You get 3 meals a day-" Michael start but was cut off.

"We won't be staying for long. We are heading to California." Luke pipes in.

Michael pulls up to the school shrugging,"Suit your self."

As we enter, people are rushing around doing what needs to be done.

"Your friend is probably eating in the cafeteria," Michael said as he pointed in a direction and walked off.

The cafeteria was huge and there were a lot of people.

We waited in line for food as I took a minute to look around.

People looked...happy. Yet broken in a sense. 

"Calum guys! Over here!" Evan said loudly as we walked over to the empty table.

"Hey why did you leave?" Calum asked.

Evan shrugged simply saying,"Fresh air."

We ate and after we finished, Evan led us to our room that we shared with another group. The classroom used to be a music room of some sort, with trophies and instruments lined up against the wall. 

We all chatted and laughed, Evan laughing so hard he started to cough, then started to wheeze.

"Evan. Hey Evan are you okay?" I ask placing my hand on his shoulder.

"He shrugged it off as he started to lay down.

"Oh my god get a doctor!" Calum ordered as Luke exited the room looking for help.

Seconds later, a stretcher came and 2 doctors pushed him away.

"Shit is he gonna be okay?" Luke asked. 

"I don't know..."Calum sighed running his hand through his hair.

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