I don't Dance

I knew him. Well I knew guys like him. I had watched guys like him pass by me all my life. The type that drink until they can't walk, who get any girl they want. Those guys that thought they were invincible, and that they owned the world. That the whole world revolved around them.. so why was this one so different.


4. Start Over

We had just closed the bar, and I couldn't see Trevor anywhere. "Maybe he just got held up at practice." Henry said with a hopeful smile. I opened the back of the bar, and there he was standing in front of his black truck. A huge smile was on his face when he saw me.

"What are we going to do tonight?" I asked walking up to him.

"Well all of the guys went out tonight to the bar, so I was thinking movies back at my place?" He said with a smile. Anything with him me, and alone sounded good to me. I just nodded, and smiled, getting in the front seat of his truck.

We got to his house in no time, and he set up the couch for us to watch movies. He was sitting on the couch, and he took up a lot of room. He motioned for me to cuddle in to him. I smiled, and sat on the couch beside him, then laying on him. He must of just showered before he came to pick me up, his hair was still a little wet, and he smelled amazing.

"I think this is going to be a good thing." He said running his hand up and down my back.

"I am hoping it is going to be." I said.

"I haven't been able to stop thinking about that kiss all day." He said sounding a little embarrassed.

"I haven't been kissed like that in a long time." I said.

"Well you deserve to be." He said, and then kissed the top of my head.

"I have my first real ride the beginning of August, are you going to come watch?" He asked looking down at me.

I couldn't think of what to say. "I guess we will see how this goes until then." I said, and then snuggled myself into his chest.

"We have a whole two months before that." He said. Everything felt so nice, I hadn't been this happy in a long time.

"Thank you for getting me out of that house." I said.

"There is a huge party happening tomorrow night, it's for the riders, do you want to come with me?" He asked.

"I would love to." I said. He took a deep breath, I could feel it in his chest. I could hear his heart beating, and it was relaxing, I fell asleep with him in no time.

The next morning I was on the couch by myself, and I could hear a bunch of guys talking.

"Who is she?" One asked.

"I think she is the girl that works at the bar." Another said.

"Okay guys, do not crowd her." Trevor said walking through the front door of the house carrying coffee, and a bag. "I am sorry I left, I wanted to get you some food." He said.

"He has went on two dates with her, and he is already whipped." One of them said.

"Maybe I am." He said smiling at me.

He sat down on the couch beside me, and handed me the coffee. "Thank you." I said as I took a sip. "Ow." I said touching the tip of my tongue.

"Want me to kiss it better?" He said smirking, and then kissed me gently.

"Feel better?" He asked pulling away. I just bit my lip, and shook my head, and he went back in for the kiss.

"Oh get a room you two." One of the boys said.

"What is your name even?" Another asked sitting down on the other side of me. \

"Sara." I said simply looking at him.

"You don't look like a Sara. That's such an innocent name, and you don't look innocent one bit. Hmm you look more like a Britney, or cinnamon. You know something more sexy, or slutty." He said. I just turned and looked at Trevor, I wasn't sure what I could say back to that.

"I like her name." Another boy said.

"Thank you." I said. It was starting to get hard to keep track of all them.

"What are all of your names?" I asked looking at the ten boys who were surrounding me. They all went down the line introducing themselves.

"Ben, Jack, Sam, Dean, Rusty, Jaxson, Michael, Kyle, Jenson, Jared." They went down the line. I didn't think I would remember any of them, well at least not at first anyways.

"Are you coming to our party tonight?" Jensen asked.

"Yah she is, with me. Could you imagine the looks I would get walking into a party with this babe on my arm." Sam said.

"In your dreams." Trevor said placing his arm around me.

"You guys can look, but don't ever touch." Trevor said smirking at me.

"I do have to get going, my phone died, and Kim is going to be wondering where I am, and where I went last night." I said looking at Trevor.

"Thanks for the coffee." I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"We will see you tonight." Jensen said.

"Yes you boys will." I said turning around, and winking at them before walking out the front door. I started to walk home when Kim came driving up beside me.

"You get in this car right now! I was worried about you all night!" She said rolling down her window, and stopped for me to get in, and I did.

"I am sorry, I lost track of time, and then I fell asleep.

"You don't go from barely leaving the house, to not coming home. Henry, and me were looking all over for you last night." She said running her hands through her hair.

"Listen I promise it won't happen again." I said.

"Don't get me wrong, I am so happy to see you having fun, and going out, but keep in tabs with me please." She said looking over at me.

"I know something that will cheer you up." I said smirking over at her.

"Is it a puppy?" She said sarcastically.

"How about a party with a bunch of bull riders." I said looking over at her. He just smirked.

"Where, and when?" She said.

"Tonight, at the boys place, they are throwing a huge party." I said.

"You know what this means though?" She said, her smirk was starting to scare me.

"What?" I asked no sure if I wanted to know the answer.

"I get to give you make over, and do your hair, and pick out your outfit for tonight. I mean if you really want me to forgive you for running away like that." She said.

I just nodded my head. "Is that the actual time?" I asked looking at the radio clock.

"Yah why?" She said.

"Because I didn't know that we slept in that long it's 1 in the afternoon." I said.

"We better get home, and get you all dolled up then." She said smiling.

When we got home she already had an outfit laying on the bed. "We are going for sophisticated sexy tonight." She said pointing to the dress.

It was black, with a little blue down the sides of it. The back was cut low, and I swear you could almost see nipple the v-neck was so extreme. "Is this really necessary?" I asked trying to squeeze myself into the dress. It was so tight it might as well just been painted on my body.

"Look at how sexy you look." She said pointing towards the mirror. I looked, and I couldn't lie, I looked pretty good, the dress hugged all of my curves.

"I even got you some new heels." She said. Pulling a box out of her closet, and handing it to me. They were simple black heals, they looked sharp.

A couple hours had went by, and then at 5:00 I got a knock on the door. I opened it, and it was Trevor all dressed up.

"Oh, did I forget to mention that I was going to take you to a sponsor supper?" He said smirking, and kissing me on the cheek.

"What?" I asked looking at Kim.

"He called me, and told me to get you dressed up for supper." She said looking innocent.

"Are you ready to go?" He asked. My hair was long, and curled loosely, it almost seemed to get in the way a lot.

I nodded, and walked out the door to his truck.

The supper was an hour out of town, and into the city. We went to this fancy restaurant, I couldn't even read the name of it out front.

"Here for the Sponsor supper." He said, and the lady directed us to a table full of men, I didn't see another girl.

"Oh great a sausage fest." I whispered to him, and he giggled.

A man at the end of the table stood up to greet us, and shook Trevor's hand.

"I hope you don't mind I brought a guest." Trevor said stepping out of the way, and introducing me.

"Hard to mind a guest so beautiful." The man said kissing my hand. I let my cheeks go a little red, and giggled.

Trevor pulled the chair out for me, and sat me down, and then sat beside the man that greeted us.

"So here is the deal, we want to know that we are sponsoring a winner. We want to know that you are going to bring home medals, break records even." The man said looking at Trevor, and then the whole table.

"Sir, I will do my best, and train the hardest to bring you guys home medals.": Trevor said.

"Do you think he can do it?" Another man at the table asked me.

I took a minute to think about it, but I knew that the longer I waited to reply the more they would doubt him.

"I know he can do it." I said smiling, and then I could feel his hand slowly grab mine.

"Well we expect to see you at the next rodeo he is in." The man said smiling. I looked at Trevor, he knew that I needed more time, but he just gave me a reassuring smile.

"Yes you will." I said taking a deep breath, and looking around the table.

I had seen most of these men before now that I actually look at them. I had been to countless dinners for, and with Dan.

"Say weren't you the little lady who was getting married to Daniel Jones?" One of the older men asked squinting at me from across the table.

"Well.. it wasn't official, but yes." I said looking down at the ground. I could feel a lump growing in my throat, and my eyes start to well up.

"That's to bad about him, he was a brave man. Sometime that isn't the best quality to have." He said.

I just leaned over to Trevor, "I need to get out of here." I said. "I am sorry, but you need to excuse me." I said wiping my lip, and then setting the napkin back down on the table, and walking away. I felt bad for leaving Trevor like that, but I knew that those men wouldn't of wanted to see me as a mess. It wouldn't be good for his image.

I felt someone grab my arm, and I turned around immediately. "I told them you weren't feeling well. Let's get out of here." Trevor said grabbing my hand, and pulling me out of the diner with him.

I just wiped the tears from my face, and followed him the best I could. "I brought you some clothes to change into, I didn't think that you would want to wear that to the party." He said pulling a stack of clothes from the back of the truck.

"You just want me to get naked." I said smirking.

"I mean that really just is a bonus for me." He said winking at me.

I crawled into the back of the truck, and started to change. I could see him looking at me. He was trying to make it the least bit obvious, but I t wasn't hard to tell he was glancing in the mirror every once and a while.

By the time I was done getting dressed we were back at the boys house, and getting out.

"Let me help ya little lady." Sam said holding his hand once the truck door opened. I just smiled at him, and grabbed his hand. He was a sweet looking boy. nice brown hair, with these green eyes that were almost to plain for his face. He had shaggy hair, but man was he tall. As soon as I stepped out of the truck Trevor was there.

"No way, I am walking in the party with her on my arm." He said wrapping his arm around me. We started to walk into the house. The closer that we got the louder the music got. I knew that once we got into there it would be crazy. The door flung open, and there wasn't a space in the house that wasn't occupied by people. People laughing, and dancing, drinking, and even some people passed out already.

"Let me get you a drink, stay here." Trevor said walking away into the crowd of people. I just stood there waiting for him, so many people were staring at me.

"Cam!" I yelled getting a glimpse of him.

"Hey gorgeous." He said walking up to me, and giving me a kiss on the cheek.

"I am so happy you are here, I haven't seen this many people in one room in a year. I don't even know what to do with myself." I said trying to yell in his ear over all the music.

"I know, but I am so happy to see you out. Where is your arm candy?" He asked looking around the room for any sight of Trevor.

"He went to get me a drink, he should be back here any second." I said.

"How did he supper with the sponsors go? I mean you guys came back really early, which is either really good or really bad." He said.

"It went well, they expect to see me at the next rodeo they go to." I said looking unimpressed.

"Well maybe it will be good for you." Cam said putting his hand on my shoulder.

"I don't know how it is gonna go." I said looking unsure.

"I just got you a beer, is that okay?" Trevor asked holding two cups in his hand.

"Yes, thank you." I said grabbing one, and chugging it all back.

"Okay first night out, you should probably take it easy." Cam said trying to grad the cup from me.

"You were he one saying I should have more fun." I said smirking.

 "Yes I did, just do me a favor, and make sure she doesn't get to crazy." Cam said looking over at Trevor.




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